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3 days after the launch of Arc8 Community Network, over 500K users have registered on the pre-launch mining phase of Arc8.

With the release of the full app happening at the end of October, we can’t wait to onboard millions of users into the Arc8 blockchain competitive experience!

GMEEs available to be mined have now increased from 650,000 to a whopping 1,000,000. That’s not all: now users can get a maximum of 40GMEEs each, from the 25GMEEs limit from the launch.

In order to keep up with the growth, the mining rate has been halved from 0.02 GMEE/h to 0.01…

Gamers perform numerous amounts of transactions when they play their favorite games. For this, a partnership with Polygon (MATIC) was a no-brainer.

Our players can now directly get their GMEE on Polygon directly on Quickswap, or they can bridge their GMEE tokens from Ethereum to Polygon in a few simple steps:

1- First, go to and connect your wallet. Select your wallet and approve the contract, and we are ready to start!

We’ll use Metamask for the example

2- Now, you will be on the polygon main net list of tokens where you can see your balances on the Polygon network. Above the list, you…

GAMEE Token now paired with WETH and QUICK on QuickSwap

GAMEE, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is pleased to announce a partnership with Polygon Studios. GAMEE will deploy its GAMEE token (GMEE) and upcoming blockchain mobile gaming application Arc8 on Polygon’s energy-efficient network, which provides a scaling solution for GAMEE’s play-to-earn platform. The move to Polygon will minimize Arc8 users’ transaction fees and make play-to-earn activities more efficient.

The initial limited beta of Arc8 on Polygon quickly became the #1 Dapp on Polygon by users as ranked by DappRadar. The full launch of Arc8 on Polygon will occur in the…

The key for any play-to-earn project is the speed and cost of transactions, and with the trend, the ETH price is following, we needed to address the situation to allow our players to enjoy our gaming experience without worrying about expensive fees.

How was this solved? By partnering up with Polygon!

How does this improve the Arc8 experience?

By bridging GMEE to the Polygon chain, players will be able to participate in the Arc8 tournaments the same way as in Ethereum, but a lot cheaper and faster.

If you hold GMEE on the Ethereum blockchain, you will be able to bridge them to transfer the same amount…

Here you can find the most Frequently Asked Questions around Arc8 Mining.

What’s Arc8 — GMEE Community Network?

It’s an invite-only app where users can mine GMEE every day and practice their skills on the upcoming full Arc8 Experience.

What’s Arc8?

Arc8 is a competitive platform where players compete in gaming matches & tournaments, powered by the GMEE Token.

When is Arc8 launching?

The Network app will run until the 19th of October, and on the 26th of October, Arc8 will be live!

How can I access Arc8 — GMEE Community Network?

You can find referral codes in all our social channels, and in the app stores reviews. Or you can just use “arc8”, and you can get it :)

How can I find my referral code?


Yesterday, we launched Arc8 Mining, a pre-launch app to get GMEE to users before the final launch of the Arc8 platform.

Today, not even 24 hours after that, we’ve already surpassed 100.000 registered users!! That is the first milestone set for the 4 weeks of the Mining Event.

1st Milestone Reached

GMEEs available to be mined has now increased from 250,000 to a whooping 650,000. That’s not all: now users can get a maximum of 25GMEEs each, from the 10GMEEs limit from the launch.

In order to keep up with the growth, the mining rate has been halved from 0.04 GMEE/h to 0.02…

This is the pre-launch phase of ARC8 where you can mine GMEE crypto tokens for 4 weeks. Once full ARC8 is launched, you will be able to use your tokens to play tournaments and purchase G-Bot NFTs once they are launched. The faster you mine the tokens, the sooner you’ll get in!

Download the app here:

To get exclusive access, use our referral code: GAMEESocial

How it works!


Every mining session runs for 24 hours, then it stops. Turn on the notifications, sit back, relax. We will let you know when to come back and start a new session.


In all GAMEE products, the most important element is our community. In order to prepare for the launch of our skilled tournament Arc8 app, we have launched a network mining app.

In order to incentivize our users, we have set community goals so that every single user can play a role in the rewards for all the users.

During the 4 weeks, we are aiming to distribute a total of 1,500,000 GMEE tokens to our users. This will allow our players to play the premium experience in Arc8 and earn more GMEEs with their gaming skills.

As a user, there…

Celebrating the pre-order of our Arc8 mining app on both Android and iOS, we have launched another staking even with a pool of 250.000 GMEE! Head over to and get ready to earn GMEEs, we have lots of announcements on the way!

During six weeks, stake your GMEE/ETH LPs and start earning rewards. This time, the end of this event will coincide with the official launch of the full Arc8 app at the end of October! This way, you’ll be able to use your GMEE rewards in the platform and enjoy Arc8’s play to earn experience

If you already…

You can already pre-order on Google Play and App Store our brand new app where you will be able to earn some GMEE tokens to get a headstart for the launch of our competitive platform.

Pre-order mining app here:

Google Play

App Store

Arc8 Mining Network is the first taste of the Arc8 gaming experience where users will mine GMEE while waiting for the full release of the Arc8 platform.

This app will be live for 4weeks, and it will serve as a waiting line to get exclusive access to the beta version of the Arc8 platform. …


GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.

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