100k GMEE Liquidity Mining Event Ends!

6 weeks just flew by and over 25k LP tokens are staked in our $GMEE Mining Event! Since May 18th, people have staked LP tokens and earned GMEE tokens every second.

Tomorrow marks the last day of the event but this doesn’t mean the fun is over! Claim your GAMEE tokens but think twice before unstaking your LPs because… we have another staking event incoming!

Next week, the second staking event will start and current LPs staked will earn GMEE rewards once it’s live! Not financial advice, but it definitely sounds good!

What’s with this next event? More details coming soon, but we can tease that we have increased the GMEE Pool by A LOT.

Claim your rewards or stake more to get ready for next week!


If you’d like to know how to stake and earn GMEE tokens just by chilling, here’s a full guide on how to stake:


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