30 million users & counting!

Celebrate with us! 7 years ago, we launched our first game. Today, we have reached a milestone of 30 million users and over 4.7 billion gameplays (crazy!!). We have rewarded them with close to $9 million in prizes and we are ready to keep increasing this number! Guys, you are AWESOME! We love to see you enjoy what we have built and we won’t stop here.

GAMEE reached 30 million users

What is next?

We are launch new mobile app! Arc8 by GAMEE is coming soon, and we would like to see you show off your gaming skills there! It will feature a batch of brand new games, prizes in GMEE tokens and that’s just the beginning!

Our G-Bots NFTs were almost ready when we decided to take another look and turn them into 3D. It takes more time and effort but we are aiming for the top of the NFT market and involve them into our play-to-earn model. We will soon be able to share more and release a dedicated lightpaper.

Bringing GMEE token as a prize to our current mobile gaming app. Millions of people already earn USD with us, and soon, they will also be able to earn crypto tokens!

Exciting times ahead, keep celebrating with us!

See you on GAMEE, people!

GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes. https://token.gamee.com/