Arc8 Pre-season is scheduled for launch tomorrow Dec 1st, and we have almost everything ready except for… Android’s Google Play approval 😔.

Unfortunately, this is something that does not depend on us. We’ve already implemented most of the changes in the Arc8 app, and added the daily tasks where players…

Beta season ends and another stage comes! The pre-season will start soon and you will have to complete the daily tasks and become the best worldwide player to win the GMEE tokens of the prize pool!

Pre-season will start on December 1st and will last until January 31st!

We have…

During the first month of the release of Arc8 BETA, we have been testing games, balancing tournaments, and matches, how players compete, and what your favorite games are!

We have gathered a lot of data, and we are now ready to start building the competitive structure in the app to…

Starting on November 16th, you will have 12 days to submit your own G-Bot design and earn GMEE rewards! The perfect opportunity to get ready for the upcoming sale on December 9th!

We will be distributing 12,000 GMEEs among 3 designers for each G-Bot class, plus 1 special prize that…

On our quest to onboard a massive amount of users into blockchain gaming with Arc8 app, one of the keys resides in facilitating the process for users to get their first tokens and start their journey on the play-to-earn!

Now, thanks to Simplex, users are able to directly purchase GMEE

In the past month, so much has happened around the GMEE Token: Arc8 has officially launched with over 1.3M users, the G-Bots pre-sale sold out in under 4 minutes, and a new sale has been announced for next month! GMEE holders are definitely having a great ride!

To celebrate this…

1st Pre-sale, 1,000 G-Bots packs sold out in only 4 minutes. What a start!

On December 9th, the sale of G-Bots pack will take place, and we are adding 4,000 packs to the total of 5,000 packs with a pool of limited designs which will never repeat in any further…


GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.

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