We are excited to announce that GAMEE has partnered with Immutable X to help us on our mission of introducing blockchain technology to the mainstream gaming audience.

GAMEE plans to introduce its large user base to new concepts (such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs), this will be done through the next generation of our GAMEE’s mobile gaming platform. The majority of our audience will be encountering NFTs for the first time and our priority is to ensure their experience is as smooth as possible.

What is Immutable X

Immutable X is the first Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, with instant trade confirmation…

$GMEE is the ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain for the GAMEE ecosystem. $GMEE will allow users to take part in game tournaments within GAMEE Arc8 and buy and sell GAMEE NFTs such as G-Bots and Game Parcels.

How can I get $GMEE? Here are the current options:

  1. Swap ETH for $GMEE on Uniswap
  2. Trade $GMEE with USDT on MXC Exchange

Swapping GMEE Tokens on Uniswap

GMEE tokens can be swapped from ETH on the UniSwap exchange in a few very quick steps. We will guide you through the process to get your first GMEE tokens on your wallet.

If you don’t have a…

GAMEE Token (GMEE) will be listed on MXC Exchange (“MXC”) paired with tether (USDT) on 15 April 2021 at 12 p.m. (UTC). GMEE is an ERC-20 fungible utility token designed to recognize and reward the efforts of players and to drive engagement on the GAMEE social casual gaming platform.

GMEE tokens have a variety of utility: they will serve as player rewards earned within GAMEE games; they will be used to pay for entry fees in special events; and they will have governance functions, including allowing token holders to vote on GAMEE roadmaps, game deployment, and the distribution of prize…

GAMEE has just launched its ERC-20 token, GMEE on Uniswap and now we are excited to tell you more about the next steps on our journey. We have been working on a new generation of our mobile gaming platform for a few months now and a big part of that will be the usage of NFTs.

Not just any NFTs though! We want to push the utility of NFTs beyond the traditional use case — the true ownership & store of value.

So what do we have in mind?

Enter G-Bots!

G-Bots are ETH-based NFTs (ERC-721) designed to utilize GAMEE…

Today our GMEE token was officially launched! We are thrilled to see such a great reaction from the audience right from the start over at Uniswap!

With a total circulation of 12,387,386 GMEE distributed in the following pairs:
GMEE/ETH — 2,815,315 ($250K)
GMEE/USDC — 1,126,126 ($100K)
GMEE/REVV — 2,815,315 ($250K)
GMEE/TOWER — 2,815,315 ($250K)
GMEE/LYM — 2,815,315 ($250K)

The GMEE Tokens can be acquired at Uniswap with these trading pairs:











The team is beyond excited to see our community trading and believing in the projects we are building with such passion. This is just the beginning but we have an exciting long ride ahead!

Follow the trades in these links:

7 April 2021 — Hong Kong — Animoca Brands and its subsidiary GAMEE announced that the GAMEE Token (GMEE) will launch on Uniswap on 8 April 2021 at 9 a.m. (UTC) at an opening price of US$0.0888, paired with ether (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), REVV, TOWER, and Lympo (LYM).

GAMEE held a public presale of GMEE on 2 April 2021 that sold out within 7 minutes. GAMEE has also concluded a US$2.2 million private presale of the GAMEE Tokens, with key investors including Metakovan from Metapurse (who recently bought Beeple’s “The First 5000 Days” at auction for US$69.3 …

GAMEE token (GMEE) is an ERC-20 fungible utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. GMEE is designed to recognize and reward the skill, effort, and loyalty of players on GAMEE’s social casual gaming platform, and to drive engagement.

The total supply of GMEE is 3,180,000,000 tokens, all minted at once, with opening price per token at launch is set $0.0888.

Token address: https://etherscan.io/token/0xd9016a907dc0ecfa3ca425ab20b6b785b42f2373

GAMEE Token (GMEE) will not be burned through use, but instead will be reintroduced back into the economy after it is used by players to pay for gameplay fees and NFT purchases and upgrades.

GMEE will be distributed…

Animoca Brands and its subsidiary GAMEE announced today that the GAMEE Token will begin its public presale at 9 am (UTC) on 2 April 2021, hosted at https://revvmotorsport.com. Animoca Brands is the developer and publisher behind blockchain games F1® Delta Time, MotoGP Ignition™, and The Sandbox, as well as tokens including REVV, TOWER, SAND, and LYM and LMT.

The GAMEE Token is an ERC-20 fungible utility token on the Ethereum blockchain, and is designed to recognize and reward the skill and efforts of players on GAMEE’s social casual gaming platform, and to drive engagement. GAMEE Token will be provided to…

Last year we started our journey on the Play To Win path with GAMEE Prizes, and it’s time to check out some of the data.

Since March 2020, we’ve had over 1 BILLION gameplays across all platforms, with our players completing game missions and gathering thousands of tickets every day! This comes with more than 8 million new registered players from all over the world enjoying our casual games and trying their luck on our weekly draws, lucky games and competing on our daily leaderboard.

Now onto some more juicy details: we’ve distributed over $3.5M in cash prizes in just…

As GAMEE keeps growing its audience and prepares to launch of its new skill-gaming platform and robot NFTs in the coming months, an updated version of our FAQ for GAMEE Prizes has become crucial. Get the most out of your GAMEE account!

GAMEE Prizes — Where Gaming meets Prizes


Every Sunday, all your tickets enter automatically in the current draw where you can win up to $500. More tickets = more chances to win!


During the draw on Sundays, your ticket balance is used to participate in it. …


GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.

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