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On November 2nd, we will be having our G-bots pre-sale. To celebrate the first-ever pre-sale, the team has agreed to allocate some discounts based on community goals. Let’s crush this!

How will the discount work?

Very easy! As we keep growing our community, the more visibility our token gets, the more valuable will also be…

One week, 10 exclusive G-Bots packs, and 25,000 GMEE tokens for 250 winners. Did we get your attention? Read on then.

Join the Gleam Event here:

By retweeting and completing this Gleam you will be able to win one of our NFT packs and lots of GMEE tokens to…

Arc8 is here and now you can transfer your GMEEs into your Arc8 Wallet to be able to play matches & tournaments, and earn GMEE prizes. …

In order to see your Polygon GMEE tokens in your Trust Wallet or MetaMask wallet, you need to set your wallet on the Polygon Mainnet!

Here you have a full guide!👇

When withdrawing GMEE from Arc8 Wallet, make sure you are sending it to a wallet that supports the Polygon…

We are just one week away from launching Arc8!!! We’d like to thank all of the awesome gamers who’ve been mining and gaming with us for the past 4 weeks! A mind boggling +1.5M …

While users get their early access to the full version of Arc8, we are going to run a tournament for all the users in Arc8 Network!

With a prize pool of 1,000 GMEE for the top 100 highscores on the new game “Globo Run”!

From October 20th, at 9:30 am…

Celebrating our new listing Polygon GMEE/USDT on DigiFinex on October 14th! Digifinex and GAMEE are collaborating in trading events with 100,000 GMEE in rewards. If you are thinking about getting your hands on some GMEE, now is your time!

We will launch the following events:

Event 1: Follow & Retweet to Share 10,000 GMEE

To participate in this event, users should:

1. Follow the Facebook

GMEE Syrup pool is LIVE! Starting today, you will be able to earn GMEE by staking dQUICK on our Syrup pool, with a prize pool of $200,000 in GMEE Syrup Pool Rewards for 12 weeks!

Few simple steps for you to join $GMEE Syrup pool:

  1. Stake QUICK in Dragon’s Lair

2. By doing this, you will earn dQuick tokens.

With over 1M users already on Arc8 — Community Network, we’ve seen lots of questions around what will happen when the mining ends, and what Arc8 will be about…

It’s time we showcase what it will be like!

We have launched the Community Network app with the goal of gathering…

GMEE-QUICK LP with 6 Quick/day in rewards is LIVE! Starting now, you will be able to earn QUICK by staking GMEE-QUICK LP on

Few simple steps for you liquidity mining $QUICK rewards:

  1. Bridge GMEE here or buy directly on QuickSwap
  2. Have equal USD amounts of GMEE and QUICK tokens
  3. Go to pool tab and add liquidity in GMEE-QUICK…


GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.

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