A recap of 2021, and what’s coming!

$GMEE Token: Powering the Gaming Platform

Arc8: eSports Meets Crypto & Mobile Gaming

G-Bots: Enter the G-Bot Metaverse

Our most beloved game character NFTs! Earlier this year, we started working on the G-Bot Metaverse, including several iterations of their looks. Our first approach was very different from what you see today.

How it started:

How it’s going:

  • Staking missions to earn $GMEE based on your G-Bots’ stats
  • Breed, upgrade and evolve your G-Bots to grow your army bigger and stronger
  • Prepare for the G-Bots Battle Game coming at the end of 2022, as we as a possibility to take them into other opened worlds and games
  • Join the G-Bot exclusive Discord to be the first to know the news

Prizes by GAMEE

Our Prizes app is the oldest product of GAMEE, with over 40M registered users. Even after the birth of Arc8 and G-Bots, Prizes keeps growing in impressive numbers.

GAMEE High-Level Roadmap 2022, Source: Whitepaper


Twitter: https://twitter.com/GameeToken



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