All-GAMEE Update: A Look Back at the Last Six Months in Arc8

New games, Token Takeovers, competitions and more — find out what’s been going on in Arc8

Games Galore

Since the last All-GAMEE update in May 2022, GAMEE has brought a number of games to the Arc8 gaming platform. Among this selection is our second game created in cooperation with a partner — Cool Cats Combinations.

  • Hoop Shot: A basketball-themed frenzy
  • Energy Wars: A G-Bot-exclusive puzzle blaster
  • Qube 2048: Chaos with cubes, and currently our most popular game
  • Cool Cats Combinations: A charming puzzle in cooperation with Cool Cats
  • Run!: A twisting labyrinth packed with ghouls and treasure

Omega Particles, Breeding, Upgrading and Evolving

G-Bot Starters weren’t the only big change to the world of G-Bots. In October, we launched the long-awaited functionalities of breeding, upgrading and evolving, plus a new token to fuel these activities: Omega Particles, or OMP, which can be earned in G-Bot tournaments.

GMEE/OMP Staking Event (Oct 17 — Jan 15)

Following the launch of OMP and the release of the new G-Bot functionalities, we opened a liquidity pool for GMEE/OMP.

Token Takeovers

Arc8 is a gaming platform that welcomes partnerships with heavyweights in the world of blockchain. Each season, therefore, brings a host of new partner tokens that players can earn in gaming tournaments.

  • 6,250 SAND
  • 150,000 SPORT
  • 7,500 MATIC
  • 500,000 TCP
  • 600,000 QUIDD

G-Bot Starters

Providing entry to G-Bot-exclusive tournaments and matches in Arc8, these G-Bot Starters are an excellent entry-level NFT that can be won by competing in Arc8 games or competitions. They are themed with Arc8 games or are sponsored by partners.

  • Hoop Shot
  • Atari
  • Pirate Solitaire
  • The Crypto Prophecies
  • Cool Cats
  • Energy Wars
  • Dark Lords
  • Qube
  • Halloween
Jeepers — the newest G-Bot Starter

Other Changes

Arc8 is constantly being innovated to stay ahead of the game and offer new features that improve the experience for players. Whether these updates are an existing part of the roadmap or are requested by the community, their aim is to keep Arc8 at the forefront of Web3 gaming.

  • Dynamic Prize Pools: Tournament rewards now increase in tiers according to how many players have joined the tournament, meaning there is more incentive to join tournaments as the prize pool may increase
  • Weekly Airdrops: Playing in competitive token matches now rewards tickets. When players have enough, they are entered into that week’s random draw to receive their share of huge GMEE prize pools
  • Rarity Tournaments: G-Bot tournaments are now divided according to the rarity level of the G-Bots. These tournaments pay out GMEE or OMP on alternating days, allowing players to earn everything they need to upgrade, breed and evolve their G-Bots.
  • PvP G-Bot Matches: G-Bot owners now have the pleasure of fighting in 1v1 matches and not only tournaments, increasing parity between G-Bot games and other games on the platform.
  • Master Tournaments: Running alongside regular G-Bot tournaments, these occasional Master Tournaments are a 24-hour free-for-all with massive prize pools where every G-Bot is welcome — even G-Bot Starters.

The Numbers

  • An auspicious number for some — Arc8 welcomed its 2,222,222th player in October
  • We are fast approaching 100 million gameplays
  • There are now 15 games on Arc8, including 2 that are exclusive to G-Bot owners
  • So far, there have been 709 G-Bot upgrades and we have welcomed 267 new Baby Bots into the world, 154 of which have been evolved into adult G-Bots!

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