All-GAMEE Update: Season 1

5 min readMar 7, 2022


Here it comes! We are excited to present you our first all-GAMEE season update, packed with things past, present, and future. See how GAMEE is going to take blockchain gaming to another level!


  • If you are thinking about getting your hands on some GMEE, check new exchange listings and various related reward events.
  • Our Pre-Season was amazing. Now we are in the middle of Season 1, our rank and matchmaking system provides a fair experience to our gamers while our anti-cheat measures are becoming stronger every day.
  • Penalty Shooter is almost finished and ready to join the Arc8 games list on Season 2.
  • We are working hard on G-Bot breeding and the baby G-Bots are coming along. Take a look at the first concepts!

Milestones Achieved!

GMEE Token

On our journey to make the ownership and tradebility of the GMEE token as easy as possible, our token has landed on two new large exchanges: Huobi and Also to note, both exchanges are running quite a few events where — by participating with your GMEE tokens — you will be able to earn even more!

Official links on our socials!

Great news! Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and incubator of Binance, has announced a recent strategic investment of US$1.5 million in GAMEE.

These are significant news for the development of both Arc8 and G-Bots. Arc8 is on track to become the blockchain’s arcade, with over 300,000 monthly users as one of the top Dapps on the Polygon network.

Binance Labs x GAMEE


A look back at last Season!

The “Beta Pre-Season” period is over (Dec 16th to Feb 1st). Players were competing in credit leaderboards by entering competitive matches in all of our games. In addition, 400,000 GMEEs were distributed to the top 1,000 players on the leaderboard and another 400,000 in tournament prizes! Here is a summary of the Pre-Season in numbers.

Pre-Season in numbers!


The first official season of Arc8 arrived on February 1st, quickly followed by the Main Season on Valentine’s day, February 14th. A lot of changes and new features were added to Arc8.

We introduced a new game — the Tube Runner. Season 1 also comes with over 1M GMEE in rewards. Token matches & tournaments are back, together with new matchmaking and a ranking system. Earn GMEE by playing token matches and tournaments until April 1st.

Arc8 Roadmap for February!

You can check the details here!


Right after the unpacking on Jan 6th, owners were able to open their packs and send their G-Bot to Arc8 to play exclusive tournaments in Sky Lords with large GMEE Prize Pools.

G-Bots Utility 1

If you have a G-Bot pack, please, make sure you open it before sending it to Arc8. We had quite a few unfortunate accidents. In case you don’t have any yet, remember you can get your own G-Bots and packs on our official collection on Opensea.

Remember to open your pack before sending your G-Bot to Arc8!

What are we working on?

And now it’s time to show you what we’ve been working on. G-Bots Staking, new games, Play-Offs, and more. Take a look!


For those of you who own a G-Bot, soon you will have the opportunity to stake your G-Bot and receive rewards from a prize pool of 1,000,000 GMEE in the first month. This is the second utility of the G-Bots, the next ones are coming in the following months. G-Bots to infinity — and beyond!

G-Bots Utility 2

Here is one of the first concepts of the Baby Bots! As we keep working on the G-Bots functionality, upgrading and breeding will come during the second quarter of the year.

Check our socials to see how these little robots grow! Here is a sneak peek of their look but, this is still a work in progress!

Baby G-Bots (WIP)


Season 1 will come to an end on April 1st and a new one will start — with a new GMEE Prize Pool to fill your wallets. But this is not the only thing you will see, a new game will land in Arc8 to make you a football star!

The game is in the final stages of development and we are currently in talks with a prominent football team to have the game branded. Are you curious?

Coming next Season! But you can taste a little here today.

Penalty Shooter images

Just in case you want to see gameplay!


Play-offs is an elimination tournament running in every game once per Season during the closing Season stage.

Play-offs run for multiple days, and every day equals one elimination round.

Every player plays a limited amount of 1v1 matches per round.

To advance to the next round, the player has to win a required number of matches in the given round.

Every round has its own reward pool which is distributed among all advancing players — all advancing players take the same reward.

Players who advance from the last round are considered Season champions of the game and their rank.

Play-Offs coming to Arc8!

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