All-GAMEE Update — Season 2

From G-Bot staking events to partnering with a Premier League giant, let us update you on what’s been going on at GAMEE during Season 2 and what exciting events the future has in store!

It’s not every day you get to blast balls into the back of the net with the likes of Kevin de Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus, but Arc8 players have been doing just that! Thanks to our partnership with Manchester City, our game Man City Striker has proved to be a massive hit, with players competing to smash each other’s scores and soar to the top of the league in $QUICK and GMEE tournaments. With over 13,000 hours of gameplay already registered, we can already see this becoming a firm Arc8 favorite.

The last day of April saw the end of our second liquidity-mining event, in which users added pairs of GMEE/Ethereum and GMEE/MATIC to liquidity pools. This earned them 1,500,000 GMEE: 1,000,000 on Ethereum and 500,000 on Polygon. We can’t wait to host another one and will announce the details soon.

Our ambition to make Arc8 a leading platform is well on its way to being realized. At GAMEE, we love to partner with amazing talent across the spectrum, whether that be five-times Premier League champions or big players in the world of crypto. That is why we are delighted to have partnered up with the likes of QuickSwap, REVV Motorsport and Crazy Defense Heroes’ Tower Token to offer Arc8 players the chance to top up their wallets with a variety of tokens in sponsored tournaments. As the arcadeverse expands, expect to see even more tokens on offer.

Nothing is more valuable to us than our players, which is why we have completely overhauled the referral system to reward those who introduce their friends to the arcadeverse. Thanks to this new system, GMEE rewards are available to new and old Arc8 players alike. Inviting even a single friend can earn a player GMEE rewards, while those wanting to build a team could potentially rack up over 1000 GMEE. And, with multiple ways to invite friends, share scores and build teams, we are one step closer to recreating the joys of the classic arcade in the digital metaverse.

G-Bot owners welcomed an expansion to the ever-growing world of G-Bots with the release of Dark Lords, a shadowy twist on the popular Sky Lords that sees players taking on waves of enemies, collecting coins and fighting to survive. Over 400,000 gameplays of G-Bot games were registered following Dark Lords’ release, totaling over 20,000 hours of gameplay.

The release of Dark Lords was not the only event to rock the G-Bot world. G-Bot owners battled to earn 1,000,000 GMEE and collect fantastic rewards in our staking event. It certainly won’t be the last of these staking events and we’re already making plans for the next one.

What’s on the horizon for GAMEE?

The third season is fast approaching, and we can’t wait for players to see what we’ve got in store for them. Here’s a taste of what to look forward to in Season 3 and beyond:

Players will be able to compete with their G-Bots in yet another electrifying release, this time a puzzle game where your every move affects the ongoing battle at the top of the screen. Create color combos, charge up your G-Bot attack and destroy all the enemies before time runs out. Watch this space — more info soon!

Coming June 1st. Following on from the success of Man City Striker, we’re excited to be bringing out yet another thrilling sports game on Arc8. As always, players will be able to hone their abilities in practice mode before competing for GMEE and sponsors’ tokens. Keep your eye out for our upcoming teaser trailer to find out more…

No longer will players be limited to just buying and trading to get new G-Bots. With the introduction of Baby Bots in August, players will have the option to combine some of their existing G-Bots to breed an all-new Baby Bot! A little love and a bit of care will see the Baby Bot reach adulthood, where it too can take on the battles of the metaverse and reap amazing rewards! How many people can say they have bred their own NFT?

And that’s not all. Special G-Bot tournaments, new partnerships, even more new games and, launching this fall…Well, stay tuned. ;)

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