Announcement: You Can Now Use WalletConnect with Arc8

2 min readJan 4, 2023
Arc8 — available on iOS and Android

At GAMEE, we have always prided ourselves on ensuring a simple and straightforward onboarding process for new players, and things just became even easier.

Arc8 players can now pair their external wallets with Arc8 using WalletConnect.

What is WalletConnect? This open-source protocol uses QR codes or deep links to connect compatible wallets and decentralized applications. Among its 100+ compatible wallets are MetaMask, Ledger Live, Trust Wallet and Rainbow Wallet.

Aside from allowing players with a variety of wallets to easily withdraw their Arc8 earnings, it also offers:

  • Better security: WalletConnect greatly enhances security for transactions. No personal information of any of the parties involved is revealed
  • Privacy: Given that it uses a shared key between peers to create an encrypted connection for devices, DApps and wallets, it guarantees absolute privacy
  • Reliability: The WalletConnect protocol solves many of the connection and accessibility issues we are familiar with. It means there is no longer any need to install specific browser extensions or create new wallets to access DApps like Arc8

To use WalletConnect with Arc8, simply visit and use it to connect and pair your personal wallet.

  • Important* You must pair your wallet (not only connect it) in order for us to see the address and send you rewards such as partner tokens.

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