Announcing $GMEE Staking Event!

First $GMEE staking event of 2022 starting on February 14th!

2 min readJan 20, 2022


TL;DR — a 3,000,000 $GMEE staking event on both ETH and Polygon networks will start on February 14th!

New year, big plans for the $GMEE token. As we build new products and grow as a team, $GMEE token is and will be at the center of all we do. The staking events are a core part of our roadmap for the year.

We are announcing the first staking event of the year for $GMEE on both ETH and Polygon networks for all $GMEE holders and investors. To show some love to our $GMEE supporters, we’ve chosen a very special date…

Yes! February 14th, Valentine’s day. It seemed just appropriate, but now let’s dive into what it will be like.

Event Details

  • Ethereum + Polygon $GMEE staking will be available on one page, with a total pool of 3,000,000 $GMEE rewards.
  • It will be available for two LP Tokens: ETH/GMEE & MATIC/GMEE.
  • Duration: 90 Days.
  • ETH/GMEE Reward Pool: 2.25M $GMEE in total.
  • MATIC/GMEE: 750k $GMEE in total.
  • You can claim your rewards at any time.

We will soon release an updated guide on how to stake your LP Tokens and start earning $GMEE.


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