Announcing the Next Iteration of Arc8

Going live later this year, the reworked Arc8 will be our biggest ever upgrade, packed with unprecedented features, new games, revamped competitive modes, live multiplayer, streamlined web3 onboarding… and so much more!

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GAMEE is thrilled to announce that, following the end of Season 7 (ending on March 31st), the Arc8 app will enter what is effectively a prologue to a brand new and exciting chapter in the application’s roadmap.

These upgrades will drop throughout the year, with the most significant changes appearing in Q3 of 2023. Until then, hang tight and don’t panic if some features disappear for a while — there is something very special in the pipeline!

The Journey So Far

We are immensely proud of what we have achieved so far, and eternally grateful to our community of players. We have learned from our successes (and yep, a couple of failures!) and are now well-positioned to take the next step and make Arc8 an even better place for our community, as well as a far more exciting and engaging experience for the millions of new players we will attract.

Arc8’s achievements include:

  • 116 million gameplays
  • The creation of 2.5 million new wallets
  • The maximizing of web3 interoperability with 20 blockchain partners, their tokens and NFT collections
  • High-profile partnerships with the likes of Manchester City Football Club, Cool Cats, Atari, Planet IX, Benji Bananas and many others
  • The creation and fostering of a tight-knit community
  • A Google Play Store rating of 4.9 and an Apple Store rating of 4.6
  • Long-term position as one of the top Dapps on Polygon

The Next Step

The next iteration of Arc8 will continue to feature everything that players love about the app, while adding fresh new aesthetics, game lore, and reworked competitive modes — including more beginner-friendly modes for casual gamers that are not yet savvy to the wonders of web3.

Indeed, one of the main aims of Arc8 has always been to provide an accessible entry point to web3 gaming. We wholeheartedly believe in the future of web3, thanks to its unparalleled potential for interoperability, digital asset ownership and community-driven content and direction.

We have come to realize that the web3 process is still a little tricky to grasp for some in the casual gaming audience – a demographic that accounts for roughly 2 billion people. The reworked Arc8 will therefore better allow casual players to enter the web3 ecosystem via a more familiar web2 experience, while still offering tons of web3 events, Token Takeovers and gated NFT competitions for our existing playerbase.

Arc8 2023 Roadmap

Want to know more? Detailed announcements as to what the new Arc8 will entail are on the way, and we are hugely excited to be able to share everything we’ve been working on behind the scenes. We know you’re going to love what we have in store.

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