Anticheat Measures

2 min readDec 16, 2021


During the BETA period of Arc8, we have been facing the presence of cheaters, and have addressed them with updates in the app. Unfortunately, we can’t say we are fully cleared from their actions yet, but this is our very first priority.

With the introduction of the pre-season, we are monitoring this issue even more closely while we finish the development of all the anti-cheat measures. We are not there yet, but getting close to being cheater-free.

We understand this is an ongoing battle that all games, including the play and earn games, deal with. We appreciate your support and help in this quest to a more fair competitive platform.

How are we tackling cheaters?

We know that with the current setup on the pre-season, there are two main parts to spot these mischievous users:

  • Tournaments: the tournaments are constantly monitored and help us track the users at the top.
  • Pre-season credit leaderboard: with the duration of the pre-season being several weeks, this gives our team enough time to make sure the top places are cleared from cheaters.

In addition to monitoring these two main areas in the app, there have been other updates for a more fair Arc8 platform:

  • Delayed withdrawals: with a 24h waiting time for withdrawals, our team also has time to check these users and ban them in case there has been any fraudulent behavior around their earnings.
  • Discontinued token tournaments: now, by only having credits, users are not risking their $GMEEs and the cheaters don’t have such an incentive to cheat in matches.

Improving the anti-cheat is our top #1 priority, and we will have the problem wiped once and for all in time for the release of the first season, on February 1st.

We are very excited for the first big prize pool of 400,000 $GMEE, and we want to make sure the winners truly deserve their earnings for their own skills.

See you on the leaderboard!

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