Arc8 and Benji Bananas Join Forces for a Unique Special Event

3 min readFeb 21, 2023

Trade your gaming skills for PRIMATE tokens, G-Bot Starters, GMEE tokens, and Benji Bananas Membership Passes in this cross-platform extravaganza

Arc8 x Benji Bananas: February 23–27

Did somebody say “epic cross-platform gaming event with tons of amazing rewards”? Probably not — that’d be an oddly specific thing to say. But that’s exactly what you’re getting! Some people are already calling this the event of the century. And by some people, I mean my friend Dave.

Having partnered with the likes of Cool Cats, Atari, and many top games in the web3 sphere, Arc8 is thrilled to be working alongside another incredible project and a fellow leading player in web3 gaming — Benji Bananas.

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For those of you not in the loop, Benji Bananas is an action-packed side-scroller that sees players swinging Benji and his companions through the jungle, collecting bananas and power-ups as they go — and earning PRIMATE tokens with a Membership Pass/ What else can we say? It’s very ap-PEEL-ing. It’s a BUNCH of fun. You get it. Enough monkeying around.

This new cross-platform event in partnership with Benji Bananas will be live on your devices from February 23–27, and all you need to do to win these great rewards is have a good time. Not a bad deal, right? If actual details are more your thing, then fine, here you go:

The prizes on offer:

  • $1,000+ USD in PRIMATE tokens
  • 20 Benji Bananas Membership Passes
  • $500 in GMEE tokens (~50k GMEE)
  • 100 Benji Bananas G-Bot Starters

To be in with a chance of getting your hands on all four of these prizes, you will need to play both Arc8 and Benji Bananas. Here’s all you have to do:

In Arc8:

  • Accumulate a total of at least 12,500,000 points in any Qube 2048 token matches and tournaments — you can keep track of your score on the Qube 2048 page of the app
  • The cherry on the cake — there will be four 24-hour special Qube 2048 tournaments, each offering a 12,500 GMEE prize pool and wide dynamic distribution
  • The top 50 players will automatically win a Benji Bananas G-Bot Starter — keep on playing past 12.5M points to grab your top 50 spot
  • All other players who gets at least 12.5 million points will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 50 Benji Bananas G-Bot Starters

In Benji Bananas:

On Twitter

  • Take part in the AMA on the Benji Bananas Twitter account (February 22 @ 9am UTC)
  • A random draw of participants will reward $500 worth of PRIMATE tokens ($250 shared between 3–4 Q&A participants, and $250 shared in a random draw)
Follow @BenjiBananas on Twitter to take part

Good luck! Follow us right here on Medium for all the latest news on events and tournaments in Arc8 — as well as very exciting information (honestly!) on the amazing upgrades coming this year.

Oh, and here’s an awesome video to watch while you download Arc8. Enjoy!

Arc8 x Benji Bananas

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