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Everything Arc8 players like you need to know about the end of Arc8’s custodial wallet

4 min readFeb 16, 2024

A significant change is on the horizon for Arc8. As part of our new tokenomics approach, we are now transitioning GMEE from Polygon to Ethereum, and making a few tweaks and changes to the app along the way, including removing custodial wallets.

What does that mean for you? Here’s everything an Arc8 aficionado needs to know about this change:

🌅 Sunset of Arc8 Wallet

With our move to Ethereum, we are also phasing out the Arc8 Wallet, our app’s custodial on-chain wallet. It will no longer be part of the Arc8 experience.

  • For Our Long-Time Players: If you’ve been dunking through hoops and blasting balls into the net for a while now, you will most likely have an Arc8 Wallet — and hopefully it’s full of tokens! It’s essential to start moving these GMEE tokens — and any other tokens you’ve won while crushing the opposition in Arc8 — to an external wallet of your choice.
  • For those who haven’t yet paired an external wallet, now is the time to create one and link it to your Arc8 account. Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy. It’s entirely up to you which wallet you use, but for simplicity we recommend MetaMask. When you have created your wallet, simply go to, connect and pair it, and then withdraw your tokens to your personal wallet. After that, any new tokens you win will be kept in Arc8 Pay, and you can withdraw them the same way whenever you wish. Check for a detailed guide here.
  • For Our Newer Players: This update won’t affect your experience at all, as the Arc8 Wallet is no longer part of the new user registration process. You will continue to enjoy Arc8’s rewards without the need for an in-app custodial wallet, or even the need to pair a wallet. It’s only necessary to pair your wallet when minting your Beast NFT or when you wish to withdraw your token rewards from competitions.

💰Claim Your GMEE on Ethereum

GMEE is transitioning from Polygon to Ethereum.

We will support GMEE on Polygon until at least the end of February 2024. Make sure to use our official links only — there are already fraudulent sites claiming to offer this service. We’ll let you know soon on Medium (and the GMEE Token X page) exactly how to claim your GMEE on Ethereum.

Alternatively, if you consider gas fees too high to claim lower amounts of GMEE on Ethereum, there is still an option to spend these in the Arc8 Shop in-app or its web version at

💳 GMEE Payments in the Arc8 Webshop

Need more Gems? Beastie still hungry? Good news — GMEE payments will remain supported in the Arc8 web shop for at least until the end of February 2024. This means you can continue purchasing funky in-game items with GMEE in the next two weeks.

For the same time period, we will enable GMEE payments directly in the in-app shop for a Beastie Food Kit. This allows you to use your in-game earned GMEE stored in Arc8 Pay if you do not wish to withdraw it due to gas fees on Ethereum.

And there is one more surprise for true gamers!

🏆Special Tournament

Do you hold some GMEE in Arc8 Pay that is not worth withdrawing? Would you rather turn a few GMEE into a MATIC bounty? Then get ready for Arc8 special tournaments that will take place from Friday, February 16th at 13:00 UTC. The Prize pool will consist of a mighty 500 MATIC, with entry fees in GMEE.

Have you already withdrawn all GMEE into your external wallet? No worries, there will be also some tournaments with entry fees in Arc8 GEMS so no one misses out!

😈 Beasts Stay the Same

If you’re the proud owner of a Beast NFT, then know that nothing is changing here. Beasts (and partner rewards) are going to remain on the Polygon network. Here again, you will take advantage of a wallet paired to your account as you will be minting Beast NFTs once you reach the maximum level of evolution. Rewards from partner events will go directly to your Arc8 Pay where you can withdraw from as usual. Any NFT prizes will be usually dropped by us to your paired external wallet.

🍀 Update on Lucky Events

You might have noticed that Lucky Events in Arc8 are currently not offering token rewards. This adjustment is part of our transition process as we make the in-app changes — don’t worry, partner token Lucky Events will soon make a return.

🔗 Continuing Support for Wallet Connect

Good news — we will continue to support Wallet Connect for collecting partner rewards and making purchases in tokens on the web. This means you’ll still receive rewards in your Arc8 Pay wallet and can withdraw them to your paired external wallet.

Got questions? Follow us on X for all the up-to-date info as we transition to Ethereum, and don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask your questions on our friendly Discord server.

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