Arc8 BETA Period is ending

During the first month of the release of Arc8 BETA, we have been testing games, balancing tournaments, and matches, how players compete, and what your favorite games are!

We have gathered a lot of data, and we are now ready to start building the competitive structure in the app to add seasons and rewards for all players with big earnings for the best players.

Next week, we will be preparing the changes to get the first pre-season ready! We will be introducing:

  • Daily Missions with GMEE Rewards: come daily, compete in matches, and earn GMEE tokens just by playing and winning.

We are working on bringing new games, introducing G-Bots in Arc8, and adding huge prize pools of GMEEs for the most skilled players in each of the games. These are exciting times, make sure you train your skills to keep earning more GMEEs every day.

Stay tuned, stay awesome!

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