Arc8 Credit Card Top-Up LIVE!

On our quest to onboard a massive amount of users into blockchain gaming with Arc8 app, one of the keys resides in facilitating the process for users to get their first tokens and start their journey on the play-to-earn!

Now, thanks to Simplex, users are able to directly purchase GMEE from the Arc8 app in just a couple simplex steps (pun intended😄).

  1. Go to your wallet section and tap on “Buy for cash”. If you used a referral code, you and the person who invited you will get 10 extra GMEEs on your first deposit!
  2. Now, input the amount (in $$$) of GMEE you want to purchase, and tap on “Continue”. The minimum deposit is $50 in GMEE.
  3. Then, you just need to fill in your card details and complete the purchase.

4. You will be emailed the transaction details to your Arc8 email.

5. Once the transaction has been completed, your GMEEs will bee added to your Arc8 wallet! This process can take up to several hours in some cases.

Once you have your tokens on your Arc8 wallet, you just need to top up your Arc8 Pay to be ready to play games with GMEE with zero transaction fees!

  1. Tap on the “+ Top up” button.
  2. Select how much you want to top up and press on “Continue”. There’s a 0.10 GMEE fee per top up.

3. You now just need to slide to confirm.

4. Boom! Shortly, your Arc8 Pay will be loaded and ready to rumble!

We have more news coming soon, and we are launching new games before the end of the year. Stay tuned with us!

See you in the tournaments! 🎮

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