Arc8 | Earn MATIC, G-Bot Starters and Moca XP with the Mocaverse Takeover

An Arc8 classic gets the Moca makeover for a 7-day event that rewards Moca NFT holders and Realm Ticket holders

3 min readApr 14, 2023
Mocaverse Takeover: April 23–27 (1 pm UTC)

The Moca family has arrived in the PLAY realm! The first stop on the Mocana Odyssey is the Mocaverse Takeover in Arc8.

That means it’s time to take your Moca or a Realm Ticket and bounce into action in the all-new, all-Moca reskin of Hoop Shot. The hoops and ball may be missing but the mayhem has stayed — Into the Mocaverse has you blasting a Moca between portals, collecting power-ups and points as you ascend through the stars.

During this 7-day event (April 20–27, 1pm UTC), there will be two parallel free-to-enter tournaments running for both Moca NFT holders and Realm Ticket holders. So if your wallet is Mocaless, then be sure to get a Realm Ticket for your chance to earn rewards.

Or, if you simply want to check out the snazzy reskin, then you can still take part in regular Arc8 1v1 battles and group matches. It will be available to play before the event.

How to Enter

  1. Register with a selected Moca or a Realm Ticket on the Mocana website
  2. Create an Arc8 account then connect and pair your wallet with Arc8 here — it needs to be the same wallet you used to register or delegate on the Mocana website
  3. Download Arc8 and log in with your now-paired Arc8 account
  4. Complete qualification in the Into the Mocaverse game. “Qualification” is a series of three free practice matches; when you finish, you will be able to see the tournaments in the Arc8 app from April 20. More info here

Note: If your Moca is in a cold wallet, you have to open a ticket on Mocaverse’s Discord for delegation before April 17 at 0:00 UTC.

Rewards and Distribution

Moca and Realm Ticket holders will play in separate tournaments, and the leaderboards will rank players according to 3 different scores.

The total reward pool and distribution are as follows:

For Moca NFT holders:

  • 10,000 MATIC
  • Moca XP
  • 25 Moca-themed G-Bot Starters

This graphic below shows how the rewards will be distributed based on different scores. All prizes will be distributed by the Mocaverse team shortly after the 7-day event is over. The rewards will be distributed to the wallet that’s holding the winning Moca during the reward distribution period.

Reward distribution for Moca NFTs

For Realm Ticket holders:

You won’t be left behind! Realm Ticket holders will receive Realm Ticket Miles (RTM) as rewards, and the leaderboards will rank players according to 2 different scores: Individual High Score and Individual Total Score.

The graphic below details the distribution of the RTM:

Reward distribution for Realm Ticket holders

You can track your progress on all leaderboards on the Mocaverse website.

Good luck, Moca fam! And stay tuned for more upcoming Arc8 events in partnership with the Mocaverse.

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