Arc8 | Enter the Beauty and the Beast Contest — Realm Points, Loot, and MORE!

A Miss Mocaverse competition for everyone with a good-looking (or at least interesting-looking…) Moca Season Beast NFT!

2 min readMay 7, 2024
Ends May 9, 1PM UTC

Welcome to the first ever Beauty and the Beast competition! All you need to enter this 48-hour event is a Twitter/X account and a Moca Season Beast NFT.

💅 How to Enter:

  • Share a picture of your Moca Season Beast on Twitter between May 7 (13:00 UTC) and May 9 (13:00 UTC)
  • Write your Arc8 username
  • Tag @Arc8App
  • Use the hashtag #ratemybeast

📜 Rules

  • Multiple entries are allowed but we will only select max one Beast per person
  • You must own the Beast you are sharing
  • Entry is only for Moca Season Beast NFTs (not unminted Beasties)
  • You must follow all the ‘How to Enter’ instructions to qualify

🧑‍⚖️ Meet the Judges

We will pick the best 10, verify that you actually own the Beast, and then the voting begins!

Voting will take place on the GAMEE Discord until Monday (1PM UTC), where our community will vote. People may vote for as many Beasts as they like, and the overall winner will be the Beast with the most votes.

On Monday, we announce the winners on the Arc8 Twitter account.

🏆 The Prizes

Rewards in this competition are Realm Points, Loot, and Luck.

🥇 1st: 350 RP + 5000 Loot + 5000 Luck

🥈 2nd: 300 RP + 3000 Loot + 3000 Luck

🥉 3rd: 250 RP + 2000 Loot + 2000 Luck

⭐ 4th — 10th: 200 RP + 1000 Loot + 1000 Luck

Good luck!

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