Arc8 Event — BoomLand is Back!

BoomLand returns to Arc8, and it’s your chance to win big GMEE prizes and guaranteed whitelist spots to mint a Common Hunter NFT

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BoomLand Event in Arc8: March 10–12 (1pm UTC)

Last January saw BoomLand and Arc8 team up to give away coveted whitelist spots and beta access to BoomLand’s new game. And now they’re back with another partnership — this time giving Arc8 players the chance to mint a Common Hunter NFT for free and enjoy all that the Hunters On-Chain game has to offer. Take part in the Globo Run gaming tournament, or in the competition on Twitter.

Tournament Details

Game: Globo Run
Date: March 10th-12th (1pm UTC)
Prize Pool: 1,000 GMEE
Entry Fee: 1 GMEE
Rewards: Free-to-mint Common Hunter NFTs for all players with paired and connected Polygon wallets

For details about the whitelist spots available in the Twitter competition, simply follow Arc8 on Twitter and we’ll tell you all you need to do there.

What is Hunters On-Chain?

Adapted from the action-RPG “Hunt Royale”, Hunters On-Chain is a blockchain battle royale that sees players competing against each other to be the number one hunter. There are forty classes of Hunter, each with their own attributes and visual appearances.

Common Hunters

Common Hunters are an excellent way to begin your journey in Hunters On-Chain, and will allow you to enjoy all that the game has to offer in terms of gameplay. If you’re new to functional NFTs then you can’t go wrong starting with a Common Hunter! Just make sure you have a wallet on Polygon, which you must first connect and pair on the Arc8 app website. Then simply take part in the tournament and the NFT is yours.

The Common Hunter NFT will be airdropped to your wallet in the week of March 13th.

If you haven’t played Arc8, then get in on the action right here.

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