Arc8 GameFest | Play for Moca NFTs and More in the Elite Arcade

Get the most out of your Arc8 GameFest 2023 experience by joining the Elite Arcade

2 min readNov 15, 2023

With Arc8 GameFest 2023 just hours away, it’s time to take a closer look at a unique feature of the event — a zone just for the pros with its own leaderboards, daily tournaments and a massive $34,000 prize pool. All you need to enter? Multiple GameFest Passes.

Welcome to the Elite Arcade.

More Passes Means More Power

Owning multiple GameFest Passes gives you access to new levels of competition and reward. Whether you own two, five, ten or over twenty-five passes, there are exclusive prizes there for the taking — including three very unique Moca NFTs!

Here’s what each tier in the Elite Arcade offers and how you can be a part of it:

🎖 Elite Arcade 2+ Passes Tier:

Total Prize Pool: Over $3,000 USD

🥉 Elite Arcade 5+ Passes Tier:

Total Prize Pool: $10,700 USD

🥈Elite Arcade 10+ Passes Tier:

Total Prize Pool: $16,685 USD

🥇 Elite Arcade 25+ Passes Tier:

  • Total Prize Pool: $34,000 USD
  • Exclusive Prize: Everything above, plus a chance to win a Moca NFT reserved for this elite tier only.

A snapshot of your wallet will be taken 24 hours before each Elite Arcade event. This is to confirm that you have enough GameFest Passes to qualify for your desired competition tier. So, make sure you’ve got your passes in order ahead of time to avoid missing out on the action! Buy now before the mint ends on November 15 (13:00 UTC).

Are you ready to join the ranks of the elite? Grab your GameFest Passes, take your seat in the Elite Arcade, and play your way to awesome NFT rewards!

Arc8 GameFest 2023 runs from November 16th-30th (13:00 UTC).

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