Arc8 | Get Ready for Spooky Season!

$120K GameFest prize pool, new Beastie utilities and aesthetics, plus three new games — here’s what’s coming up in Arc8’s Spooky Season!

4 min readOct 18, 2023
Arc8 Spooky Season: October 18th-December 5th

As the last crumbs of Doughnut Season are gobbled up by your hungry Beasties, a spooky new chapter is ready to unfold in Arc8.

From October 18th to December 5th (13:00 UTC), we will be battling our way through Spooky Season, packed with spine-tingling events, grisly new games, and monstrous competitions!

😈 Unleash the Beasts!

Beasties and Beasts in Arc8

Here’s everything you can look forward to with Beasties and Beasts in Spooky Season:

  • NFT Magic: You can now mint your max-level Beasts into NFTs — for FREE! That’s not all; during the entire Spooky Season, you can mint new Beasts as soon as they have reached max level.
  • A Legend in the Making: Did you know that only 10% of our current Beasts have achieved the legendary status? Are you one of the lucky few? Wear that crown with pride!
  • Beast Bonus: Your Beast NFT isn’t just a cute creature — it’s your ticket to bigger prizes in the upcoming Arc8 GameFest event (more below). The bigger your Beast’s bonus, the mightier the token rewards in GameFest Daily Rounds. Take a look at your Beast’s “Arc8 League Bonus” stats to see your Beast’s multiplier.
  • Spooky Upgrades: This season, Beasties are getting a makeover! Enjoy an assortment of new parts — we have doubled the assets a Beastie can have, meaning a variety of new colors, props and body parts are waiting! Your Spooky Season Beast will be even more unique than the last.
  • Luck Mining: From October 25th, you will be able to send your surplus Beasties to the mines! Check out your Beastie’s Luck Mining stats to see how much Luck they will be able to mine for you to spend in Lucky Events.
  • A Whole New Beastie: As Spooky Season dawns, you’ll receive a fresh Beastie egg for free. Got leftover food from Doughnut Season? Use it to grow the egg and watch as it evolves into a Beastie, and then a majestic level-16 Beast!

👻 Ghoulish Games

Some big changes are coming to our games portfolio in Arc8 this season.

A spooky twist on Disco-O Mania
  • Halloween Disc-O Mania: Brace yourselves! Disc-O Mania, our first live multiplayer game, is getting a cool (and creepy!) makeover this Halloween.
  • Mystery Games: The winds whisper secrets of three brand-new games headed our way this season. Stay tuned!
  • Farewell to Old Friends: To make sure our portfolio is always fresh and exciting, we will continue to rotate games, bringing in new ones and doing away with the old. Less popular games disappearing from the platform this season are: Hexonix, Solitaire Star, Run!, 99 Blocks, and Cool Cats Combinations.

🎃 Arc8 GameFest — $120,000 Prize Pool

Arc8 GameFest: Coming Soon!

Arc8’s most epic gaming event ever will open for players from around the world this November!

While more details will be shared tomorrow, here’s an exciting teaser: you can expect a whopping $120,000 prize pool made up of partner tokens and incredible NFTs. All you will need to enter is an Arc8 GameFest Pass.

Check Twitter or tomorrow for all the info on how to guarantee yourself a spot.

Spooky Season promises to be a fantastic and fun-filled time in Arc8. From all-powerful NFT Beasts to epic battles in new games, there’s something lurking in the shadows for everyone. Join us in this spooktacular season, if you dare! 🎃👻 Download Arc8.

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