Arc8 | Get Your Groove On in Arc8’s New Retro Season

Arc8’s Retro Season brings tons of epic events, slick Beastie styles, funky foods, and so much more!

3 min readJan 30, 2024

Dust off your disco balls — Arc8 is taking you on a groovy journey back in time!

From January 31st — April 10th, we’re celebrating all things old-school with Arc8 Retro Season, an action-packed extravaganza filled with 80s vibes, 90s flair, and even a little bit of Elvis himself — uh-uh-huh. Get ready for a season that’s not just longer than the last, but packed with funky new features, game upgrades, and epic events!

👾 What’s New in Retro Season

  • New Beast Body Shape: Say hello to a rad new body shape for your Beasties, perfect for rocking that retro style.
  • More To Come: This season is packed with even more fresh app features and thrilling events for you and your Beasts to enjoy. We’re constantly improving Arc8 and adding more utilities for your Beasts.
  • Fresh Food: Feast your Beasties on a buffet of throw-back treats. Snazzy doughnuts, classic ice-cream sundaes and the return of Elvis’ favorite — the mighty hamburger. Remember, the rarer the foods you feed your Beastie, the higher the chance you’ll get a better rarity when you mint it!
  • Retro Season Foods: Cookie Wookie, Another Doughnut, Golden Delicious, Cinnamon Roll, What the Melon, Raspberry Doughnut, BLT, The Shroom, Pizza al Salame, Grande Fries, Blueberry Doughnut, Iced Coffee, Blue Mushroom, Quarterpounder (or Royale with Cheese..?), Popped Corn

🕺 Beast Utility Boosts

Are your Beast NFTs raring to get into action? Good news — there’s so much in store for them this season. Use them as your golden tickets to enter incredible special events exclusive to Beast holders. Some events need a team of Beasts to enter, so don’t just stop at one! Prepare your Beast army for some groovy “mini GameFests”, with awesome prizes on offer. Watch this space! 📺

🐵 Cranky Monkey Upgrade

Cranky Monkey, our most popular multiplayer game, is finally shedding its Beta skin and sporting a brand new UI, complete with special power-ups and thrilling new features. Give your ape an edge with these exciting additions, and stay tuned for a special themed event within Cranky Monkey during Retro Season.

📱 Rad New App Features

  • Beastie Stats: Get the lowdown on all your Beasties right on their screen — rarity, multipliers, and more!
  • Piggy Bank Update: We’re giving the Piggy Bank a funky facelift — keep your eye on it to see its new features.
  • Top-Secret New Feature: We’ve got a surprise feature in store, focusing on game economics and guaranteed to amp up the fun!

🎉 A Little Less Conversation, a Few More Events Please

  • Beastie Valentine’s Event: Love is in the air, and our Beasties are feeling it! Stay tuned for a special Valentine’s event this February.
  • Exclusive Lucky Event: Participate in a Lucky Event to win rewards from an exclusive partner. And remember — the more Beasties you have, the more Luck you can mine!
  • Partner Events: If you’re a long-time Arc8 aficionado then you’ll know we only partner with the best. We’ve teamed up with NASA, Manchester City FC, the Mocaverse, Atari, Cool Cats, and more. Who’s next, you wonder? Wait and see!
  • Monkey Madness: Consider yourself a Cranky Monkey pro? Well, put your skills to the test in this legendary series of three events to celebrate the official launch of the game with all its fab new features and game modes!

🎸Ready to Rock n’ Roll?

Whether you’re feeding your Beasties their new favorite snack, winning big in Lucky Events, or exploring our fresh new features, every second of Retro Season promises to be a blast from the past! Put on your blue suede shoes, grab your Beasties, and enjoy a season filled with old-school fun!

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