Arc8 | Give Your Beastie a Treat in the Halloween Disc-O

2 min readOct 27, 2023


A spine-chilling event is coming to Arc8, with a banquet of spookalicious prizes on offer for your Beastie!

👻 Welcome to the Halloween Disc-O

From October 27th to November 1st (13:00 UTC), compete in a revamped version of one of our fan-favorites (and first live multiplayer game), Disc-O Mania.

Creepy pumpkins, spooky décor and more are awaiting your arrival in this fresh Halloween twist. Your mission is to accumulate as many total points as you can over the duration of the event.

🎮 The Game

Just like in the original Disc-O Mania, players takes turns to aim and fire one of their discs. Land it in your opponent’s half to score points, or aim for the 2x bonus spot to multiply your score.

The real challenge, however, lies in the strategy. Knock your opponent’s discs back into their zone to take away their points or — if you’re feeling confident enough in your aim — right off the board!

🍔 Play to Feast

There are some spooktacular prizes on offer. Here’s what’s up for grabs and how to get your hands on the rewards:

  • Points, Points and More Points: It’s not just about one-off victories. Your goal is to achieve the highest cumulative score from all battles played. Every match counts!
  • Monstrous Rewards: Based on your final accumulated score, you’re in with a chance of winning tons of food to nourish and evolve your beloved Beastie. The more points you get, the more food you can win!
Food rewards in the Halloween Disc-O

Keep track of the leaderboard on our Discord.

🎃 And that’s not all! There will also be some extra special Halloween Lucky Events, where you can spend your Luck and potentially win even more spookalicious prizes. Keep your eye on the Lucky Events page in Arc8 for the Trick or Treat events.

Ready? It’s time to enter the chilling yet exhilarating world of Arc8’s Halloween Disc-O. Your Beastie is hungry for victory!

Download Arc8 to play.

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