Arc8 GMEE Mining has ended… now what?

We are just one week away from launching Arc8!!! We’d like to thank all of the awesome gamers who’ve been mining and gaming with us for the past 4 weeks! A mind boggling +1.5M users have registered on Arc8 and have their GMEEs ready to take part in the new era of mobile esports on the blockchain!

Arc8 coming on October 26th

During this week, we will let the top miners inside the app in different stages. Today, the top 25.000 are entering the app and joining the first competitions! But in order to make the wait a lot more interesting, we have prepared a tournament on the new game we’ve introduced in the mining app: Globo Run!

Participate in the tournament here: Globo Run Tournament

Arc8 comes with 10 unique games, and lots of competitive options where your skills will bring you glory and prizes, powered by the GMEE token!

Arc8 Overview

October 26th, Arc8 will open the gates for all users worldwide, and we hope to see you there!


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