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An update on what to expect from Arc8 in 2023

5 min readMar 28, 2023


  • Executive summary
  • Our Mission
  • The State of Play
  • What We Have Learned
  • Announcing the Next Iteration of Arc8
  • The Future of the GMEE Token

Executive Summary

Arc8 is soon set to receive its biggest upgrade to date. 2023 will see the introduction of a NFT collection alongside new app functionalities and features, live multiplayer games, and a streamlined web3 onboarding process.

Moreover, there will be a deepening of the GMEE token utility, in that the token will now serve primarily as an access token. Players will use GMEE to purchase NFT league passes and in-game items, and vote on roadmap games and platform features. Web3 projects and communities will use the GMEE token to run custom game experiences and sponsorship.

The foundation on which we are building this is strong — as one of the top-ranked Polygon games, we have already enjoyed a number of successes in Arc8. These include 116 million gameplays, the creation of 2.5 million wallets, partnerships with twenty blockchain partners, and high profile collaborations with the likes of Manchester City, Planet IX, Cool Cats, Benji Bananas, and Atari.

Our Mission

The aim of Arc8 has always been to onboard a mass audience to web3 gaming, and to then retain that audience by rewarding their skill, efforts and loyalty.

Given that 92.1% of the global population accesses the Internet with mobile phones, and that there are upwards of 2 billion casual mobile gamers in an industry worth $330 billion, it made sense for us to design Arc8 as a mobile application. This way, we are poised to attract a greater number of casual gamers and introduce them to the incredible potential of web3.

It is with this mission in mind that we have begun the development of a new iteration of Arc8, with changes driven by our learnings.

The State of Play

Despite market turmoil, Arc8 has grown over the first quarter of 2023. Below is the data from January 1st to March 13th:

  • Average day one gameplay retention — increased from 18% to 31%
  • Daily playtime hours — increased from 4.5hours/day to 6.4 hours/day
  • Average number of daily gameplays per user — increased from 13.69 to 17.57

And here is an insight into the successes of the Arc8 application since its inception in October 2021:

  • 116 million gameplays
  • 2.5 million new wallets created
  • Partnerships with 20 blockchain partners, their tokens, and NFT collections
  • High-profile collaborations with the likes of Manchester City Football Club, Cool Cats, Atari, Planet IX, and Benji Bananas
  • The establishment of a loyal player community on Discord, with 50,000 members
  • Average app store rating of 4.7
  • Long-held position as one of the top dApps on Polygon
  • A key member of the Animoca Brands family

What We Have Learned

Since Arc8’s release in October 2021, much has changed. Our team at GAMEE has grown in both number and expertise, and we have learned a great deal more about both our current and prospective audience — findings which have reshaped our roadmap for the year ahead.

Here are some of the more pertinent discoveries:

  • Partnerships are a huge driving force for engagement; players are excited about interoperability and connecting to other web3 communities
  • Players best understand the concept of digital ownership in terms of NFTs
  • A play-to-earn model does not easily retain casual or less-competitive players, which is why we are instead adopting a play-to-own concept

It is thanks to these findings and our operations in the web3 sphere that we are now well positioned to introduce a series of major upgrades, and achieve our ambition of making Arc8 the world’s leading dApp.

Announcing the Next Iteration of Arc8

Propelled by the above-mentioned findings, GAMEE has recently announced that a new iteration of the Arc8 application is in development. New games, upgrades and original features will be added to the application throughout 2023, with the most significant changes to come into effect in Q3 and Q4.

The application will retain all its most popular current features while adding a number of new functionalities. These include features in line with our learnings over the last 18 months, such as live multiplayer, progression tied to NFTs, decentralization to facilitate partnerships, and fresh competitive modes to augment the gameplay experience for casual players.

The roadmap will be incrementally updated in parallel with more detailed announcements concerning the forthcoming updates to Arc8 . It can be viewed in a text-based format on the GAMEE Wiki.

Detailed announcements regarding the points on the roadmap will be released in a timely manner via Medium, Twitter and Discord, as well as in upcoming quarterly Token Holder updates.

For public and promotional announcements regarding Arc8 and GMEE, you may be interested in the following links:

The Future of the GMEE Token

The priority for 2023 is to deepen the utility of the token. Therefore, GMEE will primarily serve as an access token in 2023 and onwards.

For players, this entails:

  • Purchasing and trading League Pass NFTs with GMEE
  • Purchasing in-game items in the GAMEE ecosystem
  • Using GMEE to vote on the games roadmap and platform features
  • Currency of action for G-Bot NFTs, funding their breeding, upgrading and evolution

For web3 projects and communities, this entails:

  • Using GMEE to run sponsorships and custom game experiences

At present, there are 53,800 holders of the GMEE token, over three networks.

  • Polygon: 50,000 token holders
  • Ethereum: 2,300 token holders
  • BNB chain: 1,500 token holders

Recently, founders and pre-sale holders agreed on extended vesting schedules, adding 2 more years to the schedule. This is a signal of long-term support and commitment to the project.

We will announce more details on what is to come on Medium, so follow us here to get the latest news.

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