Arc8 Has Leveled Up: Take a Look at the 5 Biggest Upgrades!

This game-changing release will revolutionize the way you play Arc8, and introduces dynamic leagues, trophies, streaks and more!

4 min readJun 13


The all-new iteration of Arc8 is here at last!

Welcome to Season Galaxy.

This update–the first of two major upgrades planned for 2023–brings a revamped UI, fresh new features and fun competitive gameplay that is open to everyone. Get ready to enjoy groundbreaking new features that will change the way you play.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at the 5 biggest changes that you can enjoy right now in Arc8.

🏆 Leagues: A Rewarding Journey

Gone are the days of GMEE tokens to enter 1v1 battles. In the new version of Arc8, you will compete in Leagues, and can rise up the ranks (or go down) based on your performance. Your league ranking is based on the number of Trophies you win.

Every day (beginning at 1 PM UTC), you will play in a group of 100 people in your League tier, and the top 10% at the end of the day will earn rewards and promotion to the next league, where even bigger rewards await.

Of course, if you want to play GMEE tournaments as well, then go for it! You will still find them in the new version of the app.

⚡Streaks: Unleash Your Potential

Streaks are the best way to rack up Trophies in Arc8. Embark on an exhilarating winning Streak and watch as your Trophy count skyrockets. The longer your Streak, the more Trophies you’ll earn for each victory in battle.

A Streak attempt is represented by an Energy symbol — when you have run out, use the ones you bought or won (stored in your battery) or simply play Training Battles, which do not count towards your league ranking and which give you rewards in your Piggy Bank.

To keep the competition fierce, each player is limited to just 3 default Streak attempts per day. However, for those who possess a Premium Pass, the limits expand to 4 Streaks. Remember, though, that only Trophies from your 3 best Streaks count toward your League position!

If you want to unlock an extra daily Streak and boost all your rewards, then click here to find out everything you need to know about the Premium Pass.

✨ Reward Packs: Coins, Gems, Luck, and Energy

With the new upgrade, we’re introducing a new virtual economy within Arc8. Both 1v1 victories and top 10% finishes in the daily League will give you Reward Packs. More advanced Leagues offer even bigger rewards, so aim to get out of the Rookie League as soon as you can.

Rewards can be made up of the following:


For those of you who wish to boost your token collection, then Luck is what you need. You can spend the Luck you win or purchase in in-app Lucky Events. These huge token airdrops are your chance to get your hands on a variety of different partner tokens or Arc8’s native GMEE. The more Luck you spend, the higher your chances!

And don’t forget — if you’re a true token aficionado and want to compete for the biggest rewards, make sure to get an exclusive Arc8 League Pass.


Coins can be won in League Battles, Training Battles, or after leveling up in Season Progress. Use them to buy more Luck in the in-app shop. Or, if you prefer to spend your hard-earned GMEE, you will be able to visit the web shop in just a couple of weeks.


Gems can be earned by leveling up in Season Progress, or bought in the in-app shop (and the web shop in a few weeks). Use your gems to buy extra Reward Packs or Energy in the in-app shop.


Energy you have bought or earned as a reward is stored in your battery. When you have no default Streaks left and want to attempt more, turn on your battery and use these Energy Bolts to power through a new Streak.

More reward types (and amazing new uses for them) will be coming in the second upgrade later in 2023!

🎟️ The Arc8 League: The New Home of Blockchain Gaming in Arc8

The place to play for tokens and gaming NFTs in Arc8 is the prestigious Arc8 League. Your ticket to enter this action-packed web3 season is the Arc8 League Pass.

As well as competing in a regular League and collecting rewards there, players with an Arc8 League Pass will simultaneously compete for huge token and NFT rewards.

There are just 555 Arc8 League Pass NFTs available for this inaugural season (July 11 — August 11), which offers $18,000 in rewards:

  • $3,333 in USDT
  • $3,333 in GMEE
  • $3,333 in MATIC
  • 555 MATIC-themed G-Bot Starters
  • 555 Planet IX Starter Packs
  • 10 Mystery NFTs
  • 20 BoomLand Genesis Chests
  • A Mystery NFT

And, good news — registration is still open for a limited time!

Sign up now for your chance to play for $18,000 in rewards!

🔮 The Future Holds Even More: Stay Tuned!

But wait, there’s more! This is only the first of our planned upgrades for this year. Brace yourselves for another monumental update coming later in 2023. We won’t spoil all the surprises just yet, but rest assured that it will redefine your gaming experience in Arc8!

Whether you’re an existing player or new to the world of Arc8, now is the perfect time to join the multiplayer fun.

Don’t miss out on the biggest gaming upgrade of the year. Download Arc8 for iOS or Android and experience the thrill of intense 1v1 battles across a wide range of exciting games!

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