Arc8 | How to Get GMEE on Polygon

A guide to getting GMEE tokens for use with the Arc8 application

2 min readJun 22


What is GMEE?

GMEE is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain for the GAMEE ecosystem, using Polygon as an L2 scaling solution.

GMEE is an access token which allows players to purchase an Arc8 League Pass, and make in-app purchases in Arc8.

Which network should I get GMEE on?

GMEE for use with Arc8 is on the Polygon network. If you have tokens elsewhere, you can bridge from another network to transfer your tokens to Polygon.

How can I get GMEE?

The easiest way is to swap from another token (such as MATIC) into GMEE here on Quickswap on the Polygon network.

You will also need a little MATIC for the gas fee.

If you don’t currently have any tokens, you can use your bank card to purchase MATIC with MetaMask, convert most of it to GMEE, and keep just a little MATIC for gas fees.

Important: Make sure you are on the Polygon network when you swap tokens for GMEE

Need help setting up a wallet? Check out our handy guide on the GAMEE wiki.

If you’re already a pro when it comes to the blockchain, then check out this list of alternative exchanges where you can buy GMEE.

More information about the GMEE token can be found in our whitepaper.

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