Arc8 is LIVE! Here’s How To Play and Earn!

The day has finally come… ARC8 IS LIVE! Over 1.5M have already entered the app and are competing on the 10 games available!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

In Arc8 you can play from a selection of 10 games: puzzles, action, cards and arcades. You can join both; tournaments and 1v1 matches against other players.

There are two currencies in the app:

  • Credits: the free currency you earn by playing games and completing daily tasks. With this, you can compete in practice matches to improve your skills, and also join the sponsored tournaments with GMEE rewards, as the first play-to-earn layer in Arc8.
  • GMEE Tokens: the cryptocurrency of the GAMEE ecosystem, which can be earned through joining sponsored tournaments and playing token matches and tournaments. The value of the GMEE token can be tracked here. This token can be sent to Arc8 from outside wallets and exchanges, traded outside of Arc8, and used to purchase G-Bot NFTs in the upcoming pre-sale.

On the top part of the “play” section you’ll find “Today’s Tournaments”, with find three different categories:

  • Token Tournaments: GMEE buy-in and GMEE prizes
  • Practice Tournaments: Credits buy-in and Credits prizes
  • Sponsored Tournaments: Credits buy-in and GMEE prizes

The tournaments don’t have a limit of participants, and the prize pools will be distributed amongst the top players. Each tournament can have a different prize pool, duration and top winners.

How to join a Tournament?

The steps to join are quite simple:

1 - Tap the tournament you’re interested in

2 - Tap “Join tournament 🪙 XY”

3 - Play the game

4 - Once your score is submitted, you can try getting a better score with another buy-i *

*Only your highest score will be submitted.

For all of our games, you can jump a 1v1 match against other player of similar gaming skills.

How 1v1 matches work?

  1. Select a game of your choice
  2. Once you select your game, you can choose whether you play for tokens or you play a practice match using credits.
  3. Tap on your preferred Tier (higher the tier, higher the reward), and you’ll immediately start playing the game.

You will be matched against another player and your scores will compete for the sum of the match fees. Once the match is over (meaning, both players submitted their scores within 24h). After this, the fees are distributed to the winner!

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