Arc8 League | Everything You Need to Know to Play

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The opening season of the Arc8 League starts tomorrow, where 555 players will battle it out for their share of $18,000 in tokens and NFTs. Want to be a part of it? Here’s all you need to know!

Arc8 League Season 0: July 11–August 11

Are you ready to level up your gaming to web3? The new home of blockchain competition in Arc8 is the action-packed Arc8 League, and with just 555 players competing for a mighty $18,000 in rewards in Season 0, taking part is a no-brainer!

Here’s all you need to do to take part and earn rewards:

🎟️ Arc8 League Pass

Your ticket to enter the first season of the Arc8 League is the Arc8 League Pass. With this NFT in your wallet, every 1v1 game you win in Arc8 will count towards your position in the Arc8 League.

All 555 Arc8 League Passes sold out in a matter of hours — but there’s still a chance to pick one up on the secondary marketplace. Click here to get yours and you’ll be able to play as soon as the next Daily Round starts (13:00 UTC). Season 0 runs from July 11–August 11.

How to connect your pass and play in the Arc8 League

🛠 Mechanics

In the Arc8 League, you will be randomly assigned to a new group of players each day (max. 100) and — just like in a classic arcade — it is your mission to do better than them! Finish in the top 10% of your group at the end of the day to claim MATIC, USDT and GMEE tokens!

How does league ranking work? In all leagues in Arc8 (including the Arc8 League), league ranking is determined by how many Trophies a player has at the end of the day (13:00 UTC).

To win Trophies, players compete in 1v1 battles against similarly skilled players, where every consecutive battle victory rewards even more Trophies! To get the most Trophies possible, hit the maximum streak of 6 consecutive wins three times.

You can attempt a default of 3 Streaks per day (or 4 if you have a Premium Pass), and you can buy or win Energy to attempt more. However, only Trophies from your three best streaks will count towards your league ranking.

If you have an Arc8 League Pass, you will be competing in two leagues at the same time — both the Arc8 League and a regular league, such as Rookie, Pro, Master, etc.

Curious to find out more about the new mechanics of Arc8? Then take a look right here at our article on Streaks, Trophies, league ranking and more! And, if you need a reminder on the different rewards available in Season 0 and how to claim each one, then look no further than this article.

For those of you who want all the details, check out our FAQs!

🕹️ Games

Over ten amazing games are waiting for you in Arc8, and it’s up to you which ones you play! Puzzles, sport games, card games, and more — take your pick.

You might choose to stick to just the one you’re best at, or perhaps you want to give every game a go — it’s entirely up to you. Remember, league ranking is all about the number of Trophies you have won — it doesn’t matter which game(s) you won them in!

If you already have your Arc8 League Pass, then now is your last chance to practice before the competition heats up tomorrow! And if you don’t yet have your pass for Arc8 League Season 0, click here to get yours on OpenSea!

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