Arc8 League | Get Ready for A Sold-Out Season of Spectacular Rewards

A handy guide to everything you can expect from the epic inaugural season of the Arc8 League!

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The Arc8 League Season 0

In the beginning, there were 555 Arc8 League Passes. Five hours later, there were none!

Against all odds–and in a supposedly stagnant market–the incredible communities of Arc8, Animoca Brands, Planet IX, BoomLand, Polygon Gaming and the Mocaverse demonstrated their unwavering passion for web3 gaming and snapped up every last pass!

With all 555 Arc8 League Passes now safely tucked away in wallets, let’s take a look at the mechanics of the Arc8 League, plus all the rewards on offer in Season 0 and what you need to do to claim them.

🛠 Mechanics

To take part in Arc8 League Season 0 (July 11-August 11), new players with an Arc8 League Pass in their wallet should connect and pair their wallet on If your wallet is already paired with Arc8, you can skip this part.

The Pass will appear in your Inventory in the Arc8 app closer to the start of Season 0, and the Arc8 League will appear in the app when it launches on July 11.

As soon as you’ve connected and paired your wallet, you’re good to go! When Season 0 starts, use your Energy to play competitive Streak matches in Arc8 and you’ll be rising up the ranks in no time. As well as playing in the Arc8 League, you will continue to play in a regular league at the same time. This allows you to still claim standard Arc8 rewards like Coins, Gems, Energy and Luck, and also means that you will be playing all your matches against players in your regular league.

Every day, you’ll be randomly assigned to a group of fellow Arc8 League players (max. 100 people) in a Daily Round, and your mission is to finish in the top 10% of that group. Do that, and you’ll get your token rewards, which vary daily between GMEE, MATIC and USDT, though the value is always the same.

Keep track of the Arc8 League leaderboards on!


Let’s take a look at what you can win in Arc8 League Season 0, and how to claim them:

$10,000 in MATIC, USDT, and GMEE

All players have the chance to grab a bite of this huge token prize pool. The best part? These daily token rewards are distributed in Daily Rounds, so even if you can’t play every day, you can still grab your fair share.

There is $3,333 each of GMEE, MATIC, and USDT in the prize pool. During Season 0, there will be 10 days of GMEE rewards, 10 days of USDT rewards, and 11 days of MATIC rewards.

Finish in the top 10% of your Arc8 League Daily Round to claim your share. The higher you finish, the more tokens you get!

555 MATIC-themed G-Bot Starters

Fight on new frontiers with these limited-edition G-Bot Starters. All you need to do is play at least one game during the first week of Season 0, and you’ll get one of these unique collectibles airdropped into your wallet, giving you exclusive access to two extra games in Arc8.

555 Planet IX Starter Packs

Embark on a space-faring adventure through the wonders of Planet IX. This reward is for players who minted the Arc8 League pass and still own it after July 18.

We will share the link to claim your Planet IX Starter Pack on Twitter, Discord and Medium closer to the time. You will be able to claim it anytime between July 18 and August 11!

10 Planet IX Avatars

Show your dedication to the digital arcade by playing on at least 20 separate days during Season 0. Remember, days begin and end at 13:00 UTC.

Do this and you’ll automatically enter a draw for a chance to win one of these ten incredible NFTs, which will be airdropped into winners’ wallets.

20 BoomLand Genesis Chests

Unlock treasure troves filled with rewards! Ten of these exclusive chests will be given away to ten lucky players who participate in at least ten 1v1 matches during the first 14 days of Season 0. Enter more matches for a higher chance to win!

Additionally, the top ten Arc8 League players (based on total trophies collected by the end of the season) will each receive one BoomLand Genesis Chest each. And yep, you could win in both categories!

A Mocaverse NFT

Join the exclusive Moca Fam with this tremendously cool NFT. There’s only one to give away, and it will be raffled to a player who both minted the pass themselves and still holds it at the end of Season 0.

⚡ Boost Your Chances

Your leaderboard ranking in both the Arc8 League and your regular league is determined by how many Trophies you have earned in your best 3 Streaks that day.

So, why not give yourself an extra daily Energy to improve your chances of scoring three perfect Streaks by purchasing a Premium Pass?

Not only will it give you a default of four daily Streak attempts, but it will boost all your other rewards, too, meaning more Luck, more Gems, more Coins and more Energy — even for levels you have already reached.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, pick up a Premium Pass in the Arc8 application at the start of Season 0!

💬 Join the Arc8 Community

The phenomenal sellout of all 555 Arc8 League Passes in a matter of hours proves that the web3 gaming world is thriving.

At the forefront of this revolutionary gaming experience is the amazing Arc8 community, whose support has been integral to our success.

If you want to become a part of this fantastic community of players, then join the Arc8 Discord server. There, you can swap tips and tricks with fellow Arc8 fanatics, give us feedback on how we can do things even better in Arc8 League Season 1, or ask any burning questions you have to our team of awesome moderators.

If you missed the chance to mint an Arc8 League Pass, buy one right here on OpenSea!

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