Arc8 Mining Explained

2 min readOct 6, 2021

With over 1M users already on Arc8 — Community Network, we’ve seen lots of questions around what will happen when the mining ends, and what Arc8 will be about…

It’s time we showcase what it will be like!

We have launched the Community Network app with the goal of gathering a community of gamers with GMEE tokens ready to enter the new era of mobile blockchain esports. This is why we are distributing GMEEs to our early adopters!

On October 20th, the mining period will end and, just one week later, on October 26th, the Arc8 app will be fully launched showcasing tournaments and 1v1 matches powered by the GMEE tokens. Players will be able to compete and win GMEE tokens in skilled mobile games.

There will be 10 games, from arcades and action, to puzzle and cards games. All your winnings will depend on your skills, since no luck is involved in the games!

Currently, users are mining GMEE tokens every day by coming to the app and inviting their friends. Once Arc8 is launched, these users will have these tokens available on their Arc8 wallet, and will be able to compete in the tournaments and win prizes!

On Arc8, users will be able to use their GMEE to play game competitions, and can also withdraw them to their own blockchain wallets in case they want to trade them for… hmmm… NFTs? We have some more news coming soon!




GAMEE is a the studio behind the Arc8 blockchain gaming platform, where players compete in tournaments and earn rewards.