Arc8 | Mocana Odyssey Missions are Here: Earn Realm Points, a Mocaverse NFT and More!

A detailed guide to completing the first three Mocana Odyssey missions in Arc8’s Mocaverse Season, where you can win Realm Points, Loot Points and even a Mocaverse NFT!

5 min readApr 8, 2024

The time has arrived! Your first three Mocana Odyssey missions are waiting for you in Arc8. Bounce through the galaxy, take on opponents in live 8-ball pool action and ascend through Arc8’s leagues, earning Moca Realm Points with every step.

Here’s everything you need to know about taking part.

🎫 How to take part

If you’ve never played Arc8 before, make sure to create an account (and then pair your wallet) on, and download the app for either iOS or Android.

You will also need a Moca ID, which you should also pair on If you don’t yet have one, fear not! They’re completely free, and you can follow the steps on to get your own personal Moca ID.

As soon as you’ve paired your Moca ID with your Arc8 account, you’re all set to embark on the exciting Mocana Odyssey adventures in Arc8.

Here are your first three missions — you can find details on how to complete each one further down the page.

*👩‍🚀 Mission 1.1: Welcome to Arc8

Reward: 50 Realm Points
Link your Moca ID to your Arc8 account on You must complete this Mission first in order to be eligible for all other Missions.

*👩‍🚀 Mission 1.2: Into the Mocaverse

Reward: 100 Realm Points

Play the Into the Mocaverse game until you’ve acquired a total of 6000 points. This mission — like all future missions — is optional.

*Note: Mission 1 originally included both these steps in one single Mission. It was split into two separate missions on April 10th. If you completed this Mission before April 10th, you can still claim your extra 50 RP on the Moca Mission page.

🚀 Mission 2: Get Competitive

Reward: Phoenix Protocol Loot Points, Realm Points and qualification for the Mocaverse NFT tournament.

Take part in all three 24-hour tournaments to win Realm Points. The top 100 players in each tourney will also advance to the Moca NFT Tournament on April 16th, where the top player wins a Mocaverse NFT. By participating in a minimum of ten gameplays within each tournament, you will become eligible for a chance to advance to the Moca NFT finals through a random draw.

Tournament Schedule

  • April 10th, 13:00 UTC (Wednesday) — Moca Mania — 24h
  • April 12th, 13:00 UTC (Friday) — 8-Ball Moca — 24h
  • April 14th, 13:00 UTC (Sunday) — Into the Mocaverse — 24h

Realm Points Rewards
Each of the three tournaments rewards Realm Points, with higher finishing positions giving more.

  • 1st–10th: 450 RP
  • 11th–100th: 400 RP
  • 101st–500th: 300 RP
  • 501st–1000th: 220 RP

🏆 Mission 3: A True Champ

Reward: Realm Points

Advance from the starting Rookie League to the Champion League. This means finishing in the top 10 % of your daily group three times in order to advance to the next league.

*✨ Bonus Tournament: Mocaverse NFT (April 16th, 13:00 UTC)

Reward: A Mocaverse NFT, Realm Points, Phoenix Protocol Loot Points

How to qualify:
- Finish in the top 100 players in any of the three tournaments from Mission 2 to qualify directly.
- Finish 101–300th place in any of the three tournaments in Mission 2 to be entered into a draw.
- Join the Discord server — 100 places will be allocated in a draw to GAMEE Discord community members.

Check Arc8 for the gated final tournament on April 16th, where you may be one of a thousand lucky players who gets to compete for an exclusive Mocaverse NFT!

*Note: Qualification rules that were used to raffle finalists for the Moca Finals on April 16th:

— TOP 100 from each of the tournaments (3x100 = 300)
— Raffle of ALL the players who played 10+ games in a tournament, 200 selected per tournament (3x200 = 600)
— 100 from the GAMEE Discord raffle (100)

🎮 How to Play Each Mission

New to Arc8? No worries — we’ve got you covered.

Mission 1:

Mission 1.1:
Go to, connect and pair your wallet, and pair your Moca ID. If you do not have a Moca ID, you can claim yours for free via the Arc8 website.
Mission 1.2:
On the home screen in the Arc8 app, click Change Game and select Into the Mocaverse. Keep playing till you’ve reached a cumulative total of 6,000 points. Keep in mind that playing games in Arc8 requires Energy. When you run out, you can get more Energy in the Shop or wait until the following day when it is replenished.

Mission 2:

Tournaments are the most fun you can have in Arc8, but it helps to know a little about how Arc8 works in order to get a great ranking.

In Arc8, you use your Energy to play battles, and every consecutive battle you win counts as part of your streak. A good streak is the key to winning the most trophies, which are what determines your ranking in the League. Whoever has the most trophies at the end of the day (13:00 UTC) gets the top position — and more Loot Points!

The Moca Mania and 8-Ball Moca tournaments are both held in the Moca League. To enter, simply select the game under Choose Game.

To enter the Into the Mocaverse tournament, go to Events in the Arc8 home screen, then click Tournaments.

Important: Do not switch games while playing a streak in a tournament. It will have a negative impact on your overall ranking.

Mission 3:

Each day in Arc8 (from 13:00 UTC), players compete in a group of 100 people who are all in the same league (Rookie, Pro, Master etc.). At the end of the day, the top 10 in each group move up to the next league, and the bottom 10 move down.

All new players start in the Rookie League. Your mission is to advance from this league to the Pro League, the Master League, and then the Champion League (or beyond!). That means finishing in the top 10% three times, which you must do by doing well in streaks and winning as many trophies as possible. It’s entirely up to you which games you play. You can even switch games during a streak if you’re not playing a tournament.

The higher the league you are in, the better the rewards! As you rise up, expect more coins, more gems, and rarer food for your Beastie.

Got more questions? Want to discuss all things Arc8 and Mocaverse? Drop by and say hi in our Discord server! To find out more about leagues, streaks and other Arc8 mechanics, take a look at our wiki.

🛸 Stay tuned for more Mocana Odyssey Missions soon!

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