Here’s Why the Arc8 x Mocaverse Event Was a Big Success

Let’s take a look back at the 7-day Arc8 event with the Mocaverse NFT collection

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Arc8’s partnership with the Mocaverse NFT collection was a resounding success, achieving its primary goals of community activation and brand exposure while managing trading volume through soft staking.

Into the Mocaverse game stats

To achieve the event’s goals, Arc8 leveraged its gaming experience and created a branded iteration of the popular Hoop Shot game, which was perfectly suited for the Mocaverse NFT collection and became the most-played game in Arc8 during the event. Using Arc8 as a tool to provide gaming utility to Mocaverse NFTs, the partnership offered substantial brand exposure for the Mocaverse project and further cemented Arc8’s position as a go-to application for web3 gaming events.

The event in the Arc8 gaming application lasted for one week, from April 20–27. On average, Mocaverse NFT holders each played 251 games of Into the Mocaverse, and played for over 4 hours in total, averaging 31.5 minutes per day.

The Into the Mocaverse game itself drew in an impressive 14,500 players overall, who played 188,000 times, resulting in a total of 3315 hours of gameplay time. This indicates a successful completion of the goal to increase Mocaverse brand exposure.

The partnership embraced interoperability in web3 by holding gated tournaments for Mocaverse and Realm Ticket NFT holders and offering rewards in Moca XP and MATIC. By combining these elements, Arc8 and Mocaverse were able to offer a unique gaming experience that utilized the power of blockchain technology while creating a sense of community and excitement around the event.

Mocaverse NFT holders were able to join forces with their Tribe and compete against other Tribes, keeping track of their stats on the Mocaverse dashboard.

The success of the Mocaverse event demonstrates the value of strategic partnerships in the blockchain gaming industry. By partnering with other projects, gaming platforms such as Arc8 can leverage their strengths and create compelling experiences that engage users and bring communities together. Additionally, the ability to offer unique utility for NFTs and generate trading volume creates a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all parties involved.

Download Arc8 to play Into the Mocaverse.

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