Arc8 | Play in the Planet IX Takeover and Score Tokens and Rewards Worth $5000

Unlock the power of web3 gaming in this limited-time Arc8 Takeover event from Planet IX (March 16th–23rd)

3 min readMar 14, 2023
Planet IX Takeover: March 16–23

Engage engine thrusters. Commence shield reboot initiation. Er, shoot the big laser thingy? That’s pretty much all I’ve got for sci-fi sounding words, but you get the point — the mighty Planet IX is coming to Arc8 in an absolutely stellar Takeover event!

Compete in the epic Run! tournament and across the core twelve games in the Arc8 app to earn:

There are two tournament types in which you can earn rewards in this event. Rewards in both tournaments are given away based on leaderboard rankings – so don’t stop until you’re happy with your submitted score!

Here’s what you can enter:

Run! Tournament

Compete in the free-to-enter sponsored Run! tournament between March 16–23 (1pm UTC).


The rewards:

The top 20 players will receive an Arcade NFT
All entrants
in the top 2,000 places will receive a Starter Pack

How to take part:

1. To qualify for a reward, make sure your on-chain wallet is connected and paired with Arc8 on the web application

2. Complete the free qualification matches in the Run! game

3. Join a sponsored Run! Tournament any time between March 16–23 (1pm UTC) Only your best score counts, and there are a maximum of 150 entries per player.

4. Arcade NFTs will be airdropped to your wallet, and you can claim your Starter Pack after the event here

There are separate tournaments for each rank, meaning that all players have an equal chance to compete for GMEE rewards. After the event, we will publish the leaderboard of the top 20 highest scores overall and you can check if you have won an Arcade NFT

Token Takeover Across Arc8

All the games in Arc8 this season
  • Earn $2000 in IXT across all of Arc8’s core (non-G-Bot) games
  • Tournament entry fees are in Arc8’s native GMEE token
  • To see all available tournaments, make sure you have completed the free qualification matches for each game

About Planet IX

Planet IX is a thrilling multiplayer strategy game which acts as a metaverse by connecting real-world geolocations to user generated virtual environments. These environments can be claimed, bought and sold, and will eventually also be customizable. Its native token — IXT — and its Arcade NFTs and Starter Packs are yours to play for in a limited-time Arc8 event.

Click here to download Arc8, and be sure to check out this awesome video!

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