Play for Arc8’s Biggest Ever Prize Pool — 600,000 QUIDD and 100 Atari G-Bot Starters

3 min readJul 28, 2022


Earn a share of over $30,000 in QUIDD in Arc8 game prize pools, and compete to win exclusive Atari G-Bot Starters between August 17–22.

Prepare yourselves. Thanks to Arc8’s partnership with QUIDD, Arc8 players can now compete to win one of a hundred Atari G-Bot Starters and take part in token tournaments with huge prize pools totaling 600,000 QUIDD between August 17–22. Download Arc8 to take part.

Token Takeovers and QUIDD NFT Tournaments
This week’s Token Takeover is the biggest Arc8 has ever seen, and how much you can earn comes down to one important question. Do you have an Atari NFT from the QUIDD collection?

Those of you with an NFT from QUIDD’s Atari collection (minted before August 15, 17:00 UTC) can enter exclusive tournaments, for which the prize pool total is an absolutely massive 450,000 QUIDD. Just make sure the NFT is in the wallet that you pair with Arc8 and away you go.

Don’t have one? No problem! All Arc8 players can compete in tournaments for a huge 150,000 QUIDD, worth over $8000. And, as always with Token Takeovers, there will be tournaments for various games found in Arc8. So, whether you’re a Solitaire Star sensation or a hero at Hexonix, you’ll be able to earn yourself a wallet-load of QUIDD.

Atari G-Bot Starter
With the brand-new Energy Wars now joining Dark Lords as a G-Bot exclusive game, it’s the perfect time to get your hands on a G-Bot NFT. And what better way to start your collection than with a G-Bot branded with the undisputed champions of the arcade — ATARI!

To win one of these one hundred fantastic Atari G-Bot Starters, all you need is some skills in the number one arcade classic. Yep, you’re going to have to put your space piloting skills to the test in the legendary Atari game Asteroids!

There are two ways you can win an Atari G-Bot Starter in Asteroids:

  • Accumulate a grand total of 1,000,000 points in this action-packed battle in the cosmos and qualify for the random draw. 70 G-Bot Starters will be given away in the draw.
  • Think you can do better than 1,000,000 points? Blast your way to a guaranteed victory by finishing in the Top 30 players, all of whom will automatically receive an Atari G-Bot Starter without needing to enter the draw! Keep track of your points in the Asteroids section of the app.

Ready for launch? Get your spacesuit on and download Arc8. It’s Atari time.

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