When we launched Arc8 — Community Network, we had plans to get to 100,000 users after the 4 weeks of the mining period. Now, in just one week, we surpassed 1,000,000 users! This is insane!

This is the last milestone of our community goals where we unlock the full 1,500,000 GMEEs to distribute among all users! This also comes with an increase to the maximum GMEEs users can earn of 50 GMEEs each, and a decreased mining rate to accommodate as many users as possible for the launch of the full app at the end of October!

But we just cannot stick to the initial plan after the overwhelming success! For that, we are adding an additional 500,000 GMEEs to the pool! A total of 2M GMEEs will be distributed to our loyal users, which will give them all a headstart to start competing and earning more GMEEs in mobile gaming tournaments!

Also, we’ve taken the charts by the storm! As of today, we are the #1 game on Polygon, and the #4 blockchain app in the overall category! 🤯

We can only thank everyone taking part on this journey. This is just the beginning, we have so much in store, and October will be an even bigger month for $GMEE!

Keep up with the community goals in this article, which we’ll be updating after every milestone: Arc8 Community Goals.





GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.