Arc8 | Recent Highlights and A Sneak Peek at What Lies Ahead

New live multiplayer games, mysterious critters and cool competitions — let’s take a look at all that was and all that will be in everybody’s favorite arcade gaming app

6 min readAug 17, 2023

Ready to embark on an adventure through Arc8’s digital universe? Strap in! From a sell-out Web3 season to gaming partnerships that have been nothing short of legendary, we’ve had a blast, and oh boy — have we got news for you. The Arcadeverse is expanding, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news with you.

Let’s kick off with a look back at some of the recent highlights in Arc8.

🎟️ Breaking New Ground with Arc8 League Season 0

We made quite the splash with the inaugural season of the Arc8 League! Season 0 saw 555 lucky players collecting rewards left, right, and center — totaling $18,000 in value in this exclusive NFT-gated competition.

Oh, and those Season 0 League Passes? Sold out in 4 hours!

Arc8 League Season 0

The goodies we gave away in Season 0:

  • $3,333 in GMEE
  • $3,333 in MATIC
  • $3,333 in USDT
  • 555 MATIC-themed G-Bot Starters
  • 555 Planet IX Starter Packs
  • 20 BoomLand Genesis Chests
  • 10 Planet IX Avatar NFTs
  • 1 Moca NFT

It’s a success that we’re determined to build on for the next (even bigger!) event. Want to leave your thoughts on Arc8 League Season 0? Join the Discord and complete the upcoming survey there for a chance to get your hands on some bonus rewards.

🕹️ Games You Couldn’t Resist

Games you can play in Arc8

While all the games in our digital arcade are awesome in their own way (no bias, we promise), three have taken the cake in recent months:

  1. 🥇 Pirate Solitaire
  2. 🥈 Qube 2048
  3. 🥉 Karate Kido

No surprises there — Pirate Solitaire once again takes the top spot as the most-played game! But we think we might finally have one that will knock it off its perch — keep reading to find out all about our exciting new games.

💥 Shaking It Up: The First Epic Update!

We gave the app a fabulous makeover in the first of our two huge 2023 updates. If you haven’t tried the all-new Arc8 yet, then now’s the time to give it a go!

The all-new upgraded Arc8

What’s changed? We introduced Leagues — players now rise up the leaderboards and conquer higher leagues for even bigger prizes. And there are new rewards and mechanics too: compete for Trophies, Coins, Gems, Luck and Energy, all of which have their own special purposes.

If you’re something of a token collector, then you will love the daily Lucky Events, where you spend the Luck you’ve collected to enter draws for big token rewards, the most recent of which was the huge MATIC Token Takeover.

Read more about the new way to play Arc8 right here!

🪐 Into the Mocaverse!

Where else would the mighty Mocaverse NFT Collection choose to have its first play utility than right here in Arc8?

The Into the Mocaverse event in Arc8: April 20–27

Our game Hoop Shot looked better than ever as we reskinned it with funky Mocaverse aesthetics!

Bouncing a little Moca through the galaxy from portal to portal? Racking up tons of Moca XP and MATIC? Honestly, if you missed this event, I’m sorry. We’ve switched back to just the regular ol’ basketball now, though there’s nothing to say we won’t partner up with the mighty Mocaverse once again in the future…

Find out more about how the Arc8 x Mocaverse event rocked the Web3 world here.

🥁 Drum Roll for What’s On The Horizon…

Here’s what’s coming up in Arc8!

🎮🎮 It Takes Two, Baby!

Did somebody say “live multiplayer games”?!

We’re diving headfirst into turn-based live multiplayer in Arc8 with two very distinct games that are going to rock the Arcadeverse, the first of which is the thoroughly thrilling Disco-O Mania, set for release at the end of August. Face your opponent across the battle arena and hurl your discs into their zone for points — or perhaps you’d prefer to smash theirs off the table? Your call.

Disc-O Mania: Coming very soon to Arc8

Soon after Disc-O Mania, we’re launching an action-packed puzzle-off in Cranky Monkey. If you’re one of the 4 billion people (a rough guess…) who can’t get enough of matching games and apes, then look no further than Cranky Monkey, which combines them in stunning fashion. It’s amazing nobody has yet made this obvious mash-up, to be honest.

👥 Upgrade #2: Mystery Creatures

This September, mysterious critters are creeping into Arc8 in the second big upgrade of 2023.

Nurture them and win gaming battles to give them what they need. If your gaming skills are up to scratch, you can even evolve them into NFTs to trade on the open market (or keep forever like a pet that never dies!).

All the details will appear on our Twitter and Discord, so make sure you’re hanging out there. There will also be a cool competition exclusive to our amazing Discord community.

🏆 The Next Iteration of the Arc8 League

The next iteration of the Arc8 League will be the same glorious concept, but with even bigger rewards, more games to pick from, and fine-tuned mechanics.

Season 0 of the Arc8 League ran from July 11–August 11

We’re going through our data from Season 0 right now (well, not me — I just write stuff) to see what works best in terms of prize distribution and all that jazz. We’re also taking feedback on Discord to make sure we bring you an incredible event that will take the Web3 world by storm — drop by and share your thoughts!

There will also be a little name makeover to avoid confusion about Seasons and Leagues in Arc8— feel free to offer your suggestions over on our Discord.

All the info you need on how to sign up for the next Arc8 League S̶e̶a̶s̶o̶n̶ and the rewards on offer will be revealed soon. Follow us here on Medium for all the juicy details.

🕹🚀️ Explore the Arcadeverse

If you haven’t jumped on this wild ride yet, grab Arc8 for free on Android/iOS and get in on the gaming frenzy in Season Andromeda!

With what we have coming up in the rest of 2023, you won’t want to miss it.

Season Andromeda in Arc8: July 11–September 5

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