Arc8 Season 1 — February 1st — April 1st

3 min readJan 26, 2022


TL;DR: Distribution of Pre-Season rewards, a new game, 1M $GMEE in rewards, token matches & tournaments are back, together with new matchmaking and a ranking system.

The first season of Arc8 is coming on February 1st — loaded with big $GMEE prizes, a brand new game, a ranking system, and a big update on the anti-cheat system.

1st Season Roadmap

Rewards Distribution of the Pre-Season:

As we enter Season 1 on February 1st, at 1 pm UTC, the first-ever Pre-Season ends. At this moment, the 400,000 $GMEEs will be distributed to the top 1,000 players in the leaderboard within 24h! Is there any better way to get into the next season? Congrats to all the participants, hope you are ready to take on the next challenge!

During this time, players have been competing in the credits leaderboards by winning in competitive matches in many games. Now, let’s get on with the next season!

The Structure of Season 1:

Season 1 will start with 2 weeks of pre-season during which we will be including and testing highlighted new changes in the platform in order to launch the Main Season period with a smooth and polished experience.

Season-wide Changes:

These are some changes we will be introducing for the entire duration of Season 1 from February 1 to April 1:

  • New game: TUBE RUNNER lands in the app with adrenaline-packed gameplay that will put your reflexes to the test.
  • Qualification: each game now has a qualification system where players have to complete 7 matches to start ranking for a game. The more you win during this qualification, the higher you’ll rank right after!
  • Anticheat 2.0: addressing past issues, we’ve prioritized having a solid gaming experience that’s fair for our players.
  • Skylords Tournaments: the exclusive G-Bots game tournaments will remain available throughout the entire season for our G-Bot holders, with a new update to the gameplay, duration, and number of attempts.


From February 1st till February 14th, the Season 1 pre-season will take place, where we will include the following changes:

  • Credits reset: all players, old & new, will get their balance to reset to 250 credits to be able to practice during the whole season.
  • New Matchmaking System: tournaments are now also separated by rank to keep the competition exciting!
  • $GMEE Daily Tasks: earn $GMEE with practice matches to get ready for the real competition.
  • Sponsored Tournaments: use your credits to compete for $GMEE in daily tournaments.

Main Season:

Love is in the air! On February the 14th, at 1 pm UTC, Season 1 will have a very romantic start. Here are the important changes:

  • $GMEE Matches & tournaments are back! Use your $GMEE to win even more tokens!
  • Ranks Progression: play $GMEE matches to rank up in the leaderboard and get access to higher $GMEE rewards.
  • Season Leaderboard: top players in the leaderboard of each game will have access to huge $GMEE rewards at the end of the season.

The Good Stuff: REWARDS

The favorite part of our community: token rewards! Here are the prize-pools:

  • Token Tournaments: 100,000 $GMEE
  • G-Bots Sky Lords Tournaments: 400,000 $GMEE
  • Season Token Leaderboard Rewards: 550,000 $GMEE for the top 1,100 players (top 100 in each game)
  • Total: 1,050,000 $GMEE

Are you up for the challenge? Download the Arc8 app now and start winning $GMEE with your skills!

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