Arc8 Season 1 — February 1st — April 1st

1st Season Roadmap

Rewards Distribution of the Pre-Season:

The Structure of Season 1:

Season-wide Changes:

  • New game: TUBE RUNNER lands in the app with adrenaline-packed gameplay that will put your reflexes to the test.
  • Qualification: each game now has a qualification system where players have to complete 7 matches to start ranking for a game. The more you win during this qualification, the higher you’ll rank right after!
  • Anticheat 2.0: addressing past issues, we’ve prioritized having a solid gaming experience that’s fair for our players.
  • Skylords Tournaments: the exclusive G-Bots game tournaments will remain available throughout the entire season for our G-Bot holders, with a new update to the gameplay, duration, and number of attempts.


  • Credits reset: all players, old & new, will get their balance to reset to 250 credits to be able to practice during the whole season.
  • New Matchmaking System: tournaments are now also separated by rank to keep the competition exciting!
  • $GMEE Daily Tasks: earn $GMEE with practice matches to get ready for the real competition.
  • Sponsored Tournaments: use your credits to compete for $GMEE in daily tournaments.

Main Season:

  • $GMEE Matches & tournaments are back! Use your $GMEE to win even more tokens!
  • Ranks Progression: play $GMEE matches to rank up in the leaderboard and get access to higher $GMEE rewards.
  • Season Leaderboard: top players in the leaderboard of each game will have access to huge $GMEE rewards at the end of the season.

The Good Stuff: REWARDS

  • Token Tournaments: 100,000 $GMEE
  • G-Bots Sky Lords Tournaments: 400,000 $GMEE
  • Season Token Leaderboard Rewards: 550,000 $GMEE for the top 1,100 players (top 100 in each game)
  • Total: 1,050,000 $GMEE

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