Arc8 Season 2 (April 1st — June 1st)

Rewards Distribution of Season 1:

As we enter Season 2 on April 1st, at 1 pm UTC, Season 1 comes to an end. At this moment, the 550,000 GMEEs will be distributed among the top 100 players of each game within 24h (50,000 GMEEs per game). Worry not, it’s not an April’s fools joke. These rewards will definitely get distributed at the end of the season :)

The Structure of Season 2:

Season 2 will start with 10 days of pre-season during which we will be including and testing highlighted new changes in the platform in order to launch the Main Season period with a smooth and polished experience.

Season-wide Changes:

These are some changes we will be introducing for the entire duration of Season 2:

  • Dark Lords Tournaments: The exclusive G-Bots game tournaments will remain available throughout the entire season for our G-Bot holders, but with a new look! A darker theme and new enemies are ready for your G-Bot to pilot your ship on your way to victory. With an increased prize pool of 600,000 GMEE, it’s now time to include an entry fee of 1 GMEE per attempt.


From April 1st till April 11th, the Season 2 Pre-Season will take place, where we will include the following changes:

  • Upgraded Matchmaking System: we have improved matchmaking so you get matched even faster.
  • GMEE Daily Tasks: earn GMEE with practice matches to get ready for the real competition.
  • Sponsored Tournaments: use your credits to compete for GMEE in daily tournaments.

Main Season:

The juicy part! April 11th, at 1 pm UTC, Season 2 will kick-off, and here are the important changes:

  • Referral system: bring a friend, you’ll both earn together while having fun!
  • 10 games: rank in each of the leaderboards and qualify for amazing rewards!

The Good Stuff: REWARDS

The favorite part of our community: token rewards! Here are the prize pools:

  • G-Bots Dark Lords Tournaments: 600,000 GMEE
  • Season Token Leaderboard Rewards: 750,000 GMEE for the top 5,000 players (top 500 in each game)
  • Total: 1,500,000 GMEE

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