Arc8 Season 4 — What’s New in the №1 Arcade Gaming App?’

Prepare With Pre-Season (August 1st — 7th)

Main Season (August 8th–October 2nd)

Huge Prize Pools

  • 900,000 GMEE in activity rewards throughout the season
  • Up to 600,000 GMEE in tournament prize pools
  • 325,000 GMEE in the Season Leaderboard
  • 320,000 GMEE in Weekly Airdrops
  • 250,000 GMEE in G-Bot tournaments
  • 105,000 GMEE in vouchers from other platforms

New Token Takeovers

  • TCP (The Crypto Prophecies)
  • More to be announced soon!

New Game — Qube 2048 (August 3rd)

Qube 2048 — Coming August 3rd
  • Dynamite Cube — This mighty cube explodes on impact, giving points for every cube the player destroys. The higher the number on the cube, the more points you will get!
  • The Fist — Nothing can stop this cube. Fire it straight towards a heap of troublesome cubes and it will destroy everything in its path, while also adding to the points tally depending on the numbers on the cubes.
  • The Rainbow Cube — The friendliest of all the cubes, the Rainbow Cube will merge with whichever other cube it hits first, making it easier to reach that all-important 2048.

Dark Lords and Energy Wars Free-Play

Energy Wars — Available now for G-Bot owners

G-Bot Starter Bot Competitions

G-Bot Starters

Win an Atari G-Bot Starter

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