Arc8 Season 5 — Updates to the G-Bot Metaverse

4 min readOct 12, 2022

Staking event, huge prize pools, big changes to tournaments and making your G-Bots’ stats matter — read on to see what’s coming up in the G-Bot metaverse

Last season saw the long-awaited introduction of Omega Particles, which fuel the new G-Bot functionalities of breeding, upgrading and evolving. Now Arc8 Season 5 is well underway and we’re all happily breeding G-Bots, it’s time to let everybody into the loop on what kind of world your new G-Bots will be a part of.

Master Tournaments

All G-Bots, all G-Bot Starters — and one tournament to rule them all. Following the success of Season 4’s Master Tournament, we’re bringing them back in Season 5.

These 24-hour tournaments run alongside regular rarity tournaments and are open to all G-Bots and G-Bot Starters. As well as huge prize pools, they offer the chance to show who the true G-Bot Master truly is. Here are the Master Tournaments we can confirm for now, though may come throughout the season:

  • Dark Lords Grand Slam — Compete with your best G-Bot to earn your share of either GMEE or OMP — you can vote on which one it will be! Join the Discord to see the announcement and learn everything you need to know about voting with the SnapShot tool!
    October 22, 1pm UTC
  • QUIDD Mayhem — Arc8’s biggest ever partnership was with QUIDD — so big, in fact, that we couldn’t even give it all away! We’re delighted to be able to reward the loyal G-Bot community with a partner token prize pool. Each of the two back-to-back tournaments will offer a prize pool of 14,671 QUIDD
    Energy Wars: Nov 4 (1pm UTC) + Dark Lords: Nov 5 (1pm UTC)
  • The Grand Finale: The final Master Tournament of Season 5 will be the biggest yet, with a prize pool of at least 55,000 GMEE. It’s up to you, the G-Bot community, to vote on which game everybody will compete in — follow the G-Bot Twitter account and join the Discord for details

Liquidity Pool Staking Event

Already upgraded all your G-Bots? Still got some GMEE and OMP burning a hole in your wallet? Then add liquidity to the GMEE/OMP pool and get rewarded with even more GMEE! This liquidity pool will start within the next 7 days and run for three months, and has a massive prize pool of 500,000 GMEE!

If you’ve never staked before, don’t worry — it’s nothing complicated. Log in on the GAMEE web app and follow these steps:

  1. Add GMEE and OMP to the liquidity pool on QuickSwap
  2. Get Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens in return
  3. Stake your LP tokens and earn GMEE

Remember, as with all investments, only ever invest what you can afford to lose. If you’re not sure what impermanent loss is or how liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges work, do your own research first before investing your hard-won tokens!

Check out this video we made back in March on how staking works.

A guide to staking

G-Bot Tournament Prize Pools

Since breeding, upgrading and evolving require both OMP and GMEE, token rewards for regular G-Bot tournaments will now alternate daily. From October 13th, you can earn GMEE on one day and then OMP the next, and so on.

And, after analyzing the current system, our team of robot economists have decided that the total amount of OMP given away in tournaments will decrease. However, the amount of GMEE on offer in Season 5 G-Bots tournaments will be quite a bit higher than for other Arc8 tournaments, with a total prize pool of 700,000 GMEE and 335,000 OMP.

  • 600,000 GMEE and all the OMP will be given away in regular G-Bot tournaments
  • 100,000 GMEE will be given away in Master Tournaments

Why so high? Because the G-Bot metaverse is expanding! Thanks to the dedication of the fantastic G-Bot player community, there’s an extra 350,000 GMEE in the bank! Not only are we giving it all straight back to you, we are also matching it 100%. Here’s a breakdown on where it came from:

  • 180,000 GMEE: From breeding, evolving and upgrading G-Bots
  • 130,000 GMEE: Gameplay entry fees
  • 40,000 GMEE: Last season’s royalties from OpenSea

Total = 350,000
+ 100% match from GAMEE = 700,000 GMEE

We will continue to set prize pools based on the success of the previous season.

Stats Matter

For one week, starting on October 13th, your G-Bots’ stats will play an integral role in 1v1 matches.

Does having more health give you a major advantage in Dark Lords? Can you overcome having a slightly weaker attack than your opponent in Energy Wars? Now’s the time to find out! Let us know your thoughts on Discord after this one-week trial ends.

And if you don’t have a G-Bot but you’re excited to earn your share of tokens in epic gaming tournaments and matches, then head on over to OpenSea to get your hands on one of these incredible gaming NFTs.

How to buy a G-Bot on OpenSea

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