Season 8 — The Last Season in Arc8 As We Know It

With major upgrades in the pipeline, Arc8 is entering its floating phase — a prologue to an incredible new chapter

4 min readMar 29, 2023
Season 8: Starts April 4th

A Look Back at Season 7

Before we get to the details of Arc8 Season 8, let’s take a look at a few interesting stats from Season 7.

  • Number of gameplays: 9,604,728
  • Most popular game: Pirate Solitaire (2,052,323 gameplays)
  • Partnerships:
    - Karmaverse ($2K in rewards)
    - TasteMakerz by Forj
    - Benji Bananas ($3K in rewards)
    - BoomLand (~$5K in rewards)
    - Planet IX ($5K in rewards)
    - Club 3 ($6K in rewards)

Arc8 Season 8 — The Floating Season

Starts: April 4th

Our talented team of developers are hard at work in Arc8 HQ. We’re talking mysterious whiteboard sketches, mountains of coffee cups, and screens blinking with code like it’s the Matrix. As they put together a ton of new games and features (and triple our coffee expenditure!), the app is at last ready to enter its final season as we know it.

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When will it end? When are the exciting new features coming? All good questions — but there’s a reason we’re calling this the floating season. Season 8 is essentially an interim phase between Season 7 and the first season of the new iteration of Arc8, and will likely be a little shorter than previous seasons. There will be no pre-season; we’ll get straight into the action when it begins on April 4th.

You can ignore the date in the app; we just have to put something there. But don’t worry — we’ll announce the end at least three days in advance. And then you can start to get really excited about what’s coming next.

Why? Well, at the end of Season 8, we’ll begin to implement the first phase of the new updates.

What we can confirm about Season 8 are the prize pools, and all the juicy details about the epic partnership events we have coming up. Let’s take a look.

Read more about the changes coming to Arc8 here

Arc8 Partner Events in Season 8

Mocaverse — April 20–27

It’s the first foray into the outside world for Animoca’s flagship family of Moca NFTs — and it’s going to be right here in Arc8! The tournaments will take place in one of our most popular games, reskinned with a Moca theme to celebrate the occasion.

Those of you with a Moca or Realm Ticket in your wallets can enter these gated tournaments in Arc8 to win some amazing rewards. If you don’t have a Moca or Realm Pass, don’t worry — there’s still time to get one in the secondary market in order to take part. Get your Moca here or get a Realm Ticket here.

OnePlanet — May 23–26

OnePlanet is a brand new NFT marketplace backed by Animoca Brands. The competition will take place on social media, so keep your eye on the Arc8 Twitter account for all the details.

Season Prize Pools

  • 375,000 GMEE — Season Leaderboard
    No matter how long Season 8 is, this entire sum will be distributed
  • Up to 78,400 GMEE — Weekly Dynamic Tournaments
    This sum may either increase or decrease depending on the length of Season 8
  • 24,700 GMEE per week in each Weekly Draw
  • 100,000 GMEE per week in activity rewards (qualification, Daily Streak, Daily Tasks)

G-Bot Prize Pool

The Season 8 G-Bot prize pool will be equal to the amount that G-Bot owners spent in Season 7.

However, if Season 8 goes on for more than 60 days, we’ll top it up. And if it is shorter than 60 days, don’t worry — we’ll put all the remaining GMEE into a huge grand finale tournament — or add it to the one that’s already scheduled.

Here are the numbers and distribution:

  • 1.3M GMEE
  • 220,000 OMP


  • 3 Master Tournaments each with a 50K GMEE prize pool
  • 1 Season Finale with a prize pool of 200K GMEE
  • Regular tournaments with a total prize pool of 1M GMEE

So, that’s all for Season 8! Make sure you’re following us on Medium, and maybe think about signing up to get our articles straight to your inbox. You really won’t want to miss out on the announcements we’ve got coming up.

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