Arc8 Security Update

3 min readFeb 3, 2022

As we keep working on making Arc8 the ultimate mobile esports platform powered by the blockchain, there are many aspects we’ve needed to address to enable its success.

One of our biggest focuses right now is security. In order to be able to host big prize pool Seasons, grow a competitive scene and allow players to make a living by competing in mobile games, we need to ensure fair competition.

Since we launched, we have been tightening the security of our games while dealing with unimaginably creative users who have found flaws in the system and have managed to cheat scores or hack the matchmaking system by creating new accounts in some cases.

The portion of cheaters among the users has been drastically reduced, but we cannot stop until literally every player in the platform is certain to be competing under the same conditions 100% of the time.

What we’ve done so far

  • We have added several anti-cheat measures already, reducing the number of cheaters we’ve faced, and we still have some more to go.
  • Thanks to the above, we’ve banned hundreds of users, and we keep a very close eye on all leaderboards. Some might have even been banned by accident, but we are also fixing that. Some are brilliant cheaters, with whom we are also getting in touch to offer some bounty rewards to help us make our security stronger than the Hulk.
  • To withdraw the tokens, you have to wait for 24h until you get the transaction confirmed.
  • All the TOP players are being reviewed every day. Not only on the season leaderboard but also in tournaments.

What we are doing next

  • Building strong security measures, involving not only expert programmers but, expert cheaters from around the globe. If you can crack our system, let’s do it together and we’ll compensate you with a nice bounty for the sake of fair competition.

That said, we’ve also decided to address the controversial topic of multiple accounts. The new season structure does not incentivize duplicity of accounts, since potential earnings grow as the users rank up, which makes it not worth using multiple accounts. But even with this, we are tackling the issue so that matchmaking is always on point.

  • One Person = One Account. This is what we believe is the right setting for all our players.
  • One Person = Multiple Accounts. Skilled players are matched with other skilled players, which is the fair system used in any sport, including esports.
  • One Device = Multiple Accounts. This is very similar to the situation, which will also be restricted.
  • Using cheats/bots/emulators. Players should only use their own skills in the games, and no software should be involved in the process.

Performing any of the above actions will result in a ban on the account, so please make sure to be mindful of the fair competition in the platform, and enjoy the games!

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