Arc8 | The Good, The Bad and The Beast — Rewards for Beast NFT Holders

Coming May 21st — Moca RP and Loot rewards are on offer in this leaderboard exclusively for Moca Season Beast owners

2 min readMay 17, 2024

Moca Season in Arc8 has been a blast, and this final sendoff is our way of rewarding all Arc8 players who bought a Moca Season Beast or raised their Beastie from a simple egg to an all-powerful Beast NFT.

There are guaranteed Loot prizes for all Moca Season Beast owners, and Mocaverse Realm Points for the top 1000 owners.

Own multiple Moca Season Beasts to secure a higher leaderboard spot and get even more rewards!

The Good, The Bad and the Beast: Snapshot on May 21st (1 PM UTC)

👾 The Good, The Bad and The Beast

This rewards giveaway is a leaderboard based on a snapshot that will be taken on May 21st, 1 pm UTC.

Every Moca Season Beast you own (purchased or minted) will be counted, and each one gives you points that determine your position on the leaderboard.

The rarer each Beast you own is, the more points it will give you!

Mint your Beast or buy a Moca Season Beast on OpenSea before the May 21st snapshot

🎁 Rewards


Each Moca Season Beast you own will net you 1000 Loot, regardless of its rarity.

Own 2 Moca Season Beasts? 2000 Loot. Own 10 Moca Season Beasts? 10,000 Loot. Simple.

Realm Points:

A total of 270,500 Mocaverse Realm Points will be awarded to the top 1000 in the leaderboard of Moca Season Beast holders.

The more Moca Season Beasts you own (and the rarer they are), the higher you will rank in the leaderboard.

Leaderboard prizes:

  • 1st–10th: 450 Moca RP (10x)
  • 11th–100th: 400 Moca RP (90x)
  • 101st–500th: 300 Moca RP (500x)
  • 501st–1000th: 220 Moca RP (500x)

Mint your Moca Season Beast NFT in Arc8 when it reaches level 16, or purchase one here on OpenSea.

The 24-hour cooldown on buying/minting does not affect this event — any Moca Season Beasts you mint or buy before the snapshot on May 21st will count!

The full leaderboard will be shared on the GAMEE Discord server on May 24th, and rewards will be distributed soon after.

Good luck!

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