Arc8 | The Grand Finale: Celebrating the G-Bot Era with a Bang!

Dive into Arc8’s monumental send-off for the iconic G-Bots!

3 min readAug 21, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of digital gaming, evolution is key. The Arc8 gaming app has seen incredible growth, passion, and the coming together of an incredible player community— and with all-new characters and games soon to be landing in Arc8, the future has never looked more promising!

As GAMEE’s vision for Arc8 progresses forward, we are gearing up for a climactic final celebration for G-Bots, paving the way for an exciting future ahead.

🏆 The Grand G-Bot Masters

Mark your calendars! It’s time to commemorate the end of an era. While the regular G-Bot tournaments wrap up on August 25th, the party doesn’t end there. The last week of August will witness the grandest of them all, a final series of G-Bot Master tournaments.

Open to every G-Bot holder, these are the ultimate opportunity to showcase your skills, earn tokens, and claim the title of the ultimate G-Bot Master.

As we pave the way for new and exciting characters and experiences to land in Arc8, every token you’ve spent on G-Bots will be given back to the community. We have taken a final snapshot of the GMEE spent and allocate it towards a series of open G-Bot Master tournaments that promise a week brimming with token rewards!

That means there’s 462,000 GMEE to be earned in four G-Bot Master tournaments taking place from August 26–30.

Master Tournaments Schedule

August 26–28 (13:00 UTC)
- Energy Wars: 115,500 GMEE prize pool
- Dark Lords: 115,500 GMEE prize pool

August 28 — August 30 (13:00 UTC)
- Energy Wars: 115,500 GMEE prize pool
- Dark Lords: 115,500 GMEE prize pool

🚀 What A Journey!

Our shared history with G-Bots isn’t just about games and tokens. It’s been a collaboration built on trust, mutual respect, and a love of all things Web3! The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Our joint venture in the G-Bot saga saw the community invest a collective 2.25M GMEE in the pre-sale and sale of G-Bots
  • In appreciation of your unwavering support, we’ve given back more than we ever received in sales, royalties and tournament buy-ins, with a whopping 9.1M GMEE in tournament rewards and an additional 1M GMEE in G-Bot staking
  • Every GMEE token spent by our dedicated community has been reinvested, fueling prize pools for ensuing seasons. A special nod to Seasons 1, 2, and 3, where the GAMEE treasury matched every token spent, 100%!

🪐 Explore New Worlds in Phantom Galaxies

Our G-Bot community has been the heart and soul of this journey. As a token of our gratitude, G-Bot owners now have exclusive beta access to the epic universe of Phantom Galaxies, crafted by another visionary studio under the Animoca Brands umbrella. A fresh start — with familiar company! Find out more.

💫 Arc8: The Next Phase

Incredible upgrades are coming to Arc8. As we turn the page, we extend our deepest gratitude to our amazing community. Get ready to celebrate, compete, and embrace the future with the same passion and spirit that you’ve always shown. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store for you. Onwards to new adventures!

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