Arc8 | The Hungry Games: All Moca Season Beasts Welcome!

Play for 270K Realm Points and 2M Loot in a 24-hour Beast extravaganza starting on May 16th!

2 min readMay 14, 2024

Prepare your Beasts for action! On May 16th (1 pm UTC), Arc8 will host the Hungry Games, an epic 24-hour battle royal for all of Moca Season Beastkind.

The Hungry Games in Arc8: May 16th (1 PM UTC)

Here’s all you need to know to take part and play for mountains of Loot and RP rewards:

🕐 Time:

May 16 (1 pm UTC) — May 17 (1 pm UTC)

🎟️ Entry:

  • Own any Moca Season Beast NFT (minted or bought).

Keep in mind that there is a 24-hour cooldown when you mint or buy a Beast — if you decide to mint or buy a Moca Season Beast to be eligible to enter, you must do so before May 15th, 1 pm UTC.

🎁 Rewards:

- A total of 2M Loot to be shared among the top 50% according to your Beasts’ (from any season) multipliers

- A total of 270,500 Moca Realm Points for the top 1000 players:

  • 1st–10th: 450 Moca RP (10x)
  • 11th–100th: 400 Moca RP (90x)
  • 101st–500th: 300 Moca RP (500x)
  • 501st–1000th: 220 Moca RP (500x)
  • And 80 RP for those not ranked among top 1000 but with at least one 3-Streak (3 wins in a row — the save streak feature can be used)

🎮 How to Play:

Enter the Hungry Games tournament from the Arc8 home screen — it will only be visible to those that own at least one Moca Season Beast.

Then, play Arc8 as you would in any other league — choose the game(s) you want to play, aim for long streaks and collect as many trophies as you can! If multiple players have the same number of trophies, the higher league position is taken by the first player to achieve that score.

⭐ Beast Multipliers:

Owning a Beast NFT from any season with a high multiplier will boost your Loot rewards.

And if you own multiple Beast NFTs, even better — all the Beasts you own (from any season) will contribute to your overall multiplier while you play in the Hungry Games — even if they are currently mining Luck! If you own more than 10 Beasts, then only the 10 Beasts with the best multipliers are counted.

Check your Beasts’ league multipliers (the “Arc8 League Bonus” stat) to see how much of a Loot bonus you will get. This multiplier only applies to Loot — Mocaverse Realm Points are not affected by multipliers.

Good luck! And may the best Beast win!

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