Arc8 | Welcome to Frosty Season: New Games and Festive Fun Await!

Head to the moon in our cool new game, win big in festive competitions, and play for tasty new treats to feed your Beasties!

3 min readDec 5, 2023
Arc8 Frosty Season: Dec 6-Jan 31

Are you ready for some frosty fun? Running from December 5th to January 31st, Arc8’s Frosty Season brings a flurry of new features, games, and festive fun to your fingertips.

⛄ New Features

Some tweaks and changes have come to Arc8 to make it fairer, prettier and more balanced! Take a look:

  • Multi-Packs: You asked and we delivered — now you can win or buy multi-packs, where each pack can contain an array of different items. Food, gems, coins, energy — you can win it all!
  • Enhanced Food Distribution: Feeding your Beasties just got more delicious. Enjoy a tasty new spread of foods to level up your companions, and win random foods from a particular rarity level in the new distribution system.
  • Piggy Bank Bonus: Coming soon: When you open your Piggy Bank to claim your rewards, you’ll find a pleasant surprise — a bonus pack!
  • Visual UI Updates and Beast Wardrobe: Enjoy a visually refreshed app with new backgrounds and amazing new clothes and props for your Beasties!

🍪 Frosty Season Foods:

What will you be feeding your Beasties this season? Feast your eyes on our special Frosty Season menu:

  • Common Foods: Chocolate Doughnut, Christmas Cupcake, Sweet Candy, Candy Cane, Gingerbread Heart, Sparkling Lollipop
  • Uncommon Foods: Caramel Cupcake, Frosty Doughnut, Glazed Doughnut, Jingle Brownie
  • Rare Foods: Merry Cupcake, Festive Doughnut, Frosty Cupcake
  • Legendary Foods: Savory Turkey, Gingerbread Man.

Remember, the rarer the food you feed your Beastie, the more likely your Beast NFT is to have a better rarity level when you mint it (for free!) in Arc8.

🕹️ New Games

And the most exciting part — an epic new game! Head to Arc8 right now to check out our brand new game and a seasonal reskin of our popular live multiplayer game, Disc-O Mania.

Moonshot — Only in Arc8


Buckle up for a cosmic adventure as we head to the moon in Moonshot! Bounce your way across the lunar surface, kill hostile aliens, and watch out for those nasty spike traps! Oh, and er, aliens with guns. Also quite unpleasant.

Festive Disc-O Mania:

Our popular Disc-O Mania game just got a seasonal makeover! Smash, blast and slide your way to victory against your opponent in the new wintery arena!

🎉 Upcoming Events

You’ll have to wait for 2024 for the next GameFest event, but don’t worry — we’re not leaving you out in the cold! Check out these cool events you can enjoy before the curtains close on Frosty Season:

  • Mega Lucky Event: Celebrate Christmas by winning tokens in our special Lucky Event. Fantastic rewards await!
  • Disc-O Mania Event: Get your groove on in a special Disc-O Mania event before Christmas.
  • Shopping Spree: Look out for special Christmas Boxes and special offers in the shop. ’Tis the season for amazing deals!

Follow us on X (Twitter) for all the details on upcoming events!

🎮 Embrace the Connection

Remember, in Arc8, everything is connected. Use your Beasts to mine Luck, then spend that Luck on Lucky Events to win rewards. Feast your Beasties with our special Frosty Season foods to prepare them for these upcoming exclusive events. The more you invest in your Beasties, the more rewards you reap!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into Arc8 and let Frosty Season bring some festive joy to your gaming adventures!

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