Arc8 | Welcome to the Era of the Beasties!

3 min readSep 12, 2023


Craft your legacy in the Arc8 application with your very own unique creature. Win games, collect food and evolve your Beastie!

The Arcadeverse has expanded once again, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s new! Grab your phone and enter the Arc8 app today to play our most thrilling chapter yet.

Welcome to the era of the Beasties!

🥚 Birth of the Beasties

Each player’s journey begins with a colorful egg. The question is — what lies within?

Only you can find out. Each Beastie has the potential to be completely unique — with over 40 million potential combinations of colours, body parts and props by the final stage of its evolution, there’s a solid chance that your Beastie will be one of a kind!

🍔 Food For Thought

The food your Beastie eats today can influence its traits tomorrow. From ripe bananas to crunchy cookies to the ultimate Beastie favorite — a Double Royale hamburger — each choice you make propels your Beastie down a path of unpredictable and delightful transformations. Put your gaming skills to the test, crush the opposition and make sure it’s your Beastie that gets the best snacks!

It isn’t just a companion. A Beastie is a unique (and very hungry…) creature that relies entirely on you to feed it and shape its transformation, and in return gives you special in-game perks and abilities — including bonuses in the upcoming Web3 extravaganza: the Arc8 GameFest!

Get rarer foods by climbing up the leagues, or purchase more in the in-app shop or with GMEE on the web store.

♾️ Yours to Own. Forever.

The pinnacle of a Beastie’s evolution offers more than just bragging rights among the awesome Arc8 community. Once your Beastie reaches its maximum level, you can mint it into an exclusive Beast NFT — for free. Based on the food choices you made, your Beastie might transform into a Common Beast, an incredible Legendary Beast, or anything in between. What will yours be?

The next step is up to you. You might choose to trade it on the open market, or keep it as part of an ever-growing Beast army to play games with and more.

💥 Every Season, A New Adventure

With Beasties, each Arc8 season offers a fresh challenge. As one chapter ends, another begins, with eggs for every player, new and interesting foods on the menu, and continuously developing lore about these mysterious creatures.

If you’re a long-time player, you will love rediscovering Arc8 and a experiencing a whole new dynamic to the way you play. And for those of you who are new to Arc8, welcome to a universe brimming with excitement!

With card games, sports games, mind-bending puzzles, action-packed adventures, and now the enchanting world of Beasties, there’s no good reason ever to be bored again.

Embark on a journey with your Beastie. Every legend has a beginning. Yours starts now.

😈 Download Arc8 and unleash the Beast. 😈

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